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RT Simply an update for you guys

Hi RT and all my followers. RT - (IfItFitsVanLife), used the gadget on my home page to contact me. She asked me to please write an update because she misses hearing about my here goes. ~~~~ I was thinking about an update but I have been rather depressed. I'm not sure about my direction in life though I understand that it's my current health situation that is kicking my butt right now. I injured my back, then fell more than once and sprained my ankle badly. I'm staying with a neighbor until I get my Woodstove installed for managing better heat. It's been good rest and encouragement to not have total responsibility. It's been good for Ozzie to have extra hugs and a doggie friend to pal (and Chase the cat - bad doggies,) with.   I woke early this morning with goal setting on my mind. Knowing that my friend is pushing me to go to town with her today. I will go (we didn't go after all, it started hailing and we have to go Thursday for an appointment).