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Holiday Hello

Hi everyone! Happy whatever you like to do during the winter - if its holidays or just snow days or what have you! I am still spending my days around the general area of St. John's AZ.  Yes, I truely am buying land here.  No I am not DONE traveling - I am a traveler or adventurer or something by nature. I apologize that I don't own a camera nor do I have any pictures to share right now.  It snowed here about a week ago and again last night.  We have had 5 inches of the fun white stuff! I am bunking with friends for the time being while it is so cold and not too good for camping.  My trailer project is coming along nicely and will see a little break in work due to the cold, the snow and its forthcoming melt which will bring mud... pretty good idea since all the work has been taking place outside.  By the way, if you want to renovate or bring life to an older trailer please do yourself a favor and figure out a covering while you are doing the work, if possible, because it