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Simply those weekly curve balls!

It has occurred to me that I may need to live without internet again! A glitch in my current ultra cheap monthly fee unlimited 3g mifi has brought me back here, right where I've been before. Is this okay with me... well actually yes. I spend way too much time online. I've wanted to manage my online life better. What a great opportunity!  Will I do away with my current set up? Perhaps Will I return to the days of library visits with blog and video updating? Perhaps. What about watching movies and listening to podcasts? I dont know yet. I do, however, know that change is good! And God's got my back! A bunch of texting and emails later and... And false alarm... simply a new payment process! Laugh out loud And Keep it Simple! Simply me

Simply Using PPP tools to make decisions

Good morning! Its time to check in with you all. Ozzie and I are fine. Oh yes and Spunky too. Spunky just survived his first real rain while living outside at our house. The coyotes were busy this morning too, it rained pretty steadily all night. We needed the rain in this area, with wild-fires not too many miles away and the very very dry weather conditions. I've made significant progress on this vintage trailer.  A couple years back, I made the decision (and how do I do that, making decisions - I use priorities keep reading please) to have a home base on my property so I could come and go from this location. The decision was based on both weather protection on site and because I get emotionally and phyically worn out traveling the world, meeting new people and being available to others during events that I have enjoyed attending and volunteering at. Events like the RTR (RubberTramp Rondevous) and Jamie Diamond's VanBuildOut Party. I also have been holding annual GTG