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Keep it Simple - huh?

 Good morning friends,  I'm so often talking about keeping it simple and every once in a while in my own life I realize that I've gotten beyond Simple and made things too complicated in everyday life. Sometimes it looks like the way that I choose to make coffee one day or the items that I decide I want to bring into my life and then I have to reevaluate and maybe let some things go. Sometimes they simply just find myself a little settled a little bored almost and I hunt for ways to make everything better. I find it amazing the few times in my life when I've realized I have everything I need I have enough I don't need a bigger income I don't need another kitchen item I don't need a new shirt I don't need a different new food in my diet. There's a satisfaction that comes with realizing that I have enough I am enough I have a stable life and stable friendships but even if some of them are silly ones I have a balance of helping others and self-care. sure the

Simply 2021 travel life

So much has changed in our world this past year. I feel a little settling down in my own life as well as exporing the places and the why for's and how comes of choices of my own past.  As I travel this winter, I find myself recalling faces and campfire conversations and "aw darn" moments when someone had camped in one of my ole familiar campsites. I've been traveing in the Southwest during the winter for 10 years now. I have enjoyed and been annoyed over the years with the weather, vehicles, friends or aquaintences or public persona encounters of the (oh my what have I done to myself becoming so public with my life) and with locations and campsites that I find myself re-visiting this winter.  I am learning to accept the person that I have been without so much shame and with being less self critical. I can't be perfect. I can't be everythng others want me to be. AND I am rediscovering some of my own direction and possibly personality that I had when I was much