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So much has changed in our world this past year. I feel a little settling down in my own life as well as exporing the places and the why for's and how comes of choices of my own past.  As I travel this winter, I find myself recalling faces and campfire conversations and "aw darn" moments when someone had camped in one of my ole familiar campsites. I've been traveing in the Southwest during the winter for 10 years now. I have enjoyed and been annoyed over the years with the weather, vehicles, friends or aquaintences or public persona encounters of the (oh my what have I done to myself becoming so public with my life) and with locations and campsites that I find myself re-visiting this winter. 

I am learning to accept the person that I have been without so much shame and with being less self critical. I can't be perfect. I can't be everythng others want me to be. AND I am rediscovering some of my own direction and possibly personality that I had when I was much younger. 

I am taking the time to know for my own self what I believe to be true and to let that be enough. This world and it's constant changes are going to wizz past my lifetime at some point. At some point I will be the old lady. I want to live my believes even more this coming part of my life. I am comfortable enough to begin wondering what I should be doing with my time. I do like to knit. I like making natural fiber clothing, even if it's recycled fabric. I love gardening and growing much of my food I think that the plants give me back what I need when my own energy touches the seeds and waters and cares for them. 

I like me this year. I don't love every behaviour or thought that I have ever had or even have each day. But for once, I kinda like who I am. I think that I am learning to care for myself better lately.

In my nomad part of life, there are places I would like to go again or to see because I have never been there - I don't care much for doing it all alone although alone is better than doing it with someone who I don't resinate with well. I feel especially blessed to re-meet and re-kindle old friendships when we bump into each other this year. I had a very special reconnection just last evening when I checked in with a neighboring camper who was settled before I arrived at this current location. I wanted to be sure that I was giving that person and their larger dog enough space. And low and behold, I recognized the voice! we were a distance apart and I had not gotten close enough to see the person...but the voice! omgosh a person who I got to know very well perhaps 6 years ago and their dog remembered me - which is very special to me. 

A few other aquaintence nomads seem to think that I can't be a nomad because "you have property, why are you out here?" - honestly, I think that says more about them than about me. Perhaps if they had property they wouldn't be traveling?  I travel because I can, because I want to, because it's cold at my property's location in the winter, I travel because I can't sit still more than 3 months at a time - geez sometimes 14 days seems like a long time. You might see me along the road anytime of the year. Having my Plan B location gives me a sense of stablity that I have not experienced since I was rather young - I feel safe enough to come and go and my overhead for that location is so low that it's worth my energy to continue along with it. 

Say Hello if you see me out and about. I enjoy quick encounters - we can say hello from a safe distance. 

Keep it Simple, Use What You Already Have and Live with Love and Gusto!

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  1. Great post Lesa - thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for visiting and letting me know it's worth it to write by commenting!

  2. You are pretty incredible. You keep being you. <3

  3. Just found you thru one of Bobs videos. You inspire me to live with less and adventure more. Thank you for sharing your style with me. Take care and I hope you stay warm.

    1. Thank you. I am staying warm! Thank you for stopping by my blog

  4. Thank you for sharing all the things you do. You are living my dream. I am just finishing up raising a grandson for 12 years. After raising 5 children of my own.

    I am trying to downsize materially and financially. I'm tired of paying for brick n morter.

    I own an accounting business that I've made mobile thanks to the internet. I can work anywhere.

    I want to go see the world. I've been a Mom all my life.

    You are very inspiring.

  5. I too knit, have a garden(small) and if I get this going I’m going to keep my home base because it’s so cheap.
    It’s the best little place ever.
    Maybe we’ll run into each some day.
    Keep doing YOU.

  6. You may be a nomad in a physical way, but in fact you have ARRIVED. Good for you Lesa! Thank you for sharing your lovely reflection!


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