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Simply Rat-a-chewy!

Image we are now on the subject of (spoken in deep voice narrator mode) Rodents and Rats! Yuck right.... but I got secret weapons as well as the varmints to practice on! Lets get right to it. 

Simply goodmorning!

Coffee with Ozzie!

Simply a camp kitchen sink!

Here we go.... (if I knew it was ok when on SSDisability, I would so set up an Amazon affiliate!)

Simply YouTube?

Finally got something loaded... I have a big learning curve i think...

Do I know how to Simply wash dishes?

I have to share... When preparing myself both mentally and gear wise as well as physically for setting up camp and cooking for a crowd, I sure didn't imagine things like a Nurse visiting to offer help and then nicely poo pooing and trying to teach me how to wash dishes! Well darn, I'm nearly 60 years old! I cook for lots of people and wash dishes just fine - thank you! Oh yes, you don't even know me do you.... rolling my eyes.  Neither did I expect to have people land at my campsite exhausted from driving across the country to have thier emotional breakdown with me, when it was time for me to make breakfast! or to have a nice van drive up with a generous donation of 6 or 7 bags of ice and more Bar S brand hot dogs and sausages than I've ever seen along with multiple bags of squished white bread hot dog buns! A very generous donation from a newbie who didn't check what I needed, wanted or had the ability to care for - I had no coolers! or the 8 dozen eggs brought i

Update...simply a first video!

Well, I am home again and tired and I needed to get some info out to you all. So I simply took a video...its loooong! I havent figured out how to cut it in pieces and post as a part one, part dont shoot me. I wanted you to know whats going on. Remember Im so letting you in my life in a real 'unpolished' way...forgive my newbieness please. Or try SimplyLesa on YouTube  Its been 3 days of trying to upload.....darn I don't know what I'm doing wrong... I'll keep trying and in the mean time do some typing!

Whoa where have I Simply Been!

Ozzie n me have been kinda busy ever since our GTG in Witch Well AZ. We are starting to pack up and move locations along with Jamie and the VanBuild people See Ozzie working hard! Im letting everyone else go first, this way i get to wash my hair and relax some before re-setting our campsite and readjusting our role in camp...this always seems to happen in group situations especially when we move locations!  Our Friend Skipperdoodle and his fur-child Spring came down to Havasue with us, they left for the next leg of their trip earlier. We have been connecting and reconnecting with friends all this past week. At times its exhausting! And the sunrises have been gorgeous!