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After the Storm - Simply a You Tube Video

Oh that's a great picture! lol Enjoy

Simply a week in July!

Hey! So I'm back at the library, for some reason my $5 a month flashed internet hasn't been working for the better part of two days - so plan B! I'm attempting to upload my latest YouTube video as well. Soooo. I don't recall which day it was, but we had a big crazy storm. Actually the radar, I had internet that day, out of Flagstaff said we had 2 big storms collide over Witch Well. It was scarey. Yup Ozzie was shaking and hyperventilating and I was doing my best to avoid watching and waiting for every single flash of lightening and crack of thunder, or wondering about Spunky being alright in his tree-house. So I wrote a play by play update of the storm on my Facebook page. LOL Yup, good news, we are fine. So as is prudent, the morning after, Ozzie and I took a walk around the property and yard, checking for damage or signs of flooding. Kinda normal stuff in an off-grid, self-reliant situation. Spunky was just fine, his blankie was barely damp on one corner, so we

Simply My Food Cooler part 2

And the how to...

Simply MyFood Cooler part 1

So about a week ago I made an evaporative cooler for food! I made a couple videos for YouTube with the how to process. I was hoping to edit the video and can't figure out how to do it darn I published it anyway. 😔

Simply getting some sleep YouTube Video

Enjoy watching and leave me comments here or there As all ways, Keep It Simple Silly