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Simply Wednesday's Weekly Update

What a whirled wind week - well kinda sorta! At the least the last few hours!  So what's been happening is that I'm blowing through my EMergency Fund like crazy (sigh). My eyes have been bothering me incredibly for a while.  I'd just been putting off dealing with it because I bought a pair of glasses in Mexico over a year ago and just couldn't see (ha) spending more money.  Though its just not been working. The first few minutes with those new glasses had me dizzy and nauseous and going back to the shop to have them adjusted.  I was told that I would get used to them.  I never really did.  I hated going for any walks because I was afraid of tripping over something silly because I just couldn't see much of anything except at a distance.  Nice clear mountain tops or birds but don't look down!  After having Vantucket's Check Engine light checked - it had been coming on once in a while ever since I've had her.  After learning that both Mechanic Mike's C

Simply Answers to Roberta

Hello,  I came upon your blog by  linking here and there after watching the documentary about mobile living.  I often dream about buying a small RV or conversion van that I can handle myself on the road.  Your lifestyle  is a dream for me.  There is just one thing, well two, that is holding me back.  Since there is no water hookups personal hygiene is a concern.  I did mention a second concern - make the decision to ACTUALLY commit to doing it.  Any insight would be most welcomed . Do take time to learn what you love! Then keep in mind that you have the ability and time to just try out anything that you want to. Not much will change about daily life. You will sleep and wake up. The sun will shine and it will rain...that kind of stuff won't change. You can choose to live the way you are now and never change if you want to.  Orrrr you can just jump in and make a change. Most adventures are like that. Jump in.  Do your best. Work out what you can. And have faith that if you don't

Simply Friday's Food

I'm posting a little late in the day, better late than never! Last week I had the opportunity to play with some Amaranth seed. I didn't care  for it cooked like a cereal. I think that it is better to pop it.  Popping it is best done in small batches. It tastes pretty good just simply popped and I will likely use it for cereal or as in a tabouli style salad.  Anyway I decided to try making both granola and bars with it. Both were successful though rather sweet with honey. It was pretty simple and fun.

Simply Friday's Fabulous Food

Today has been Passover day. When I was younger, my family as members of the Worldwide Church of God, kept the Night to be Much Observed more commonly known as the Seder dinner. I continue this tradition. Tonight I was joined by my neighbouring campers Ed and Carl. We shared a simple meal of grilled lamb chops, whole wheat matzos and fresh butter, grilled asparagus drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice, red wine, grape juice, and coconut macaroons. It was yummy and Ozzie got the bones and meat scraps - he's resting his full tummy.

Simply What's been Happening!

Okay, so I am beginning to get phone calls and emails from my friends and readers wondering what has happened to blog has been too quiet for many people since my last posting about Passover.  BTW (by the way) I do appreciate hearing from the people in my life and those that follow my blog.  I am often 'separated from my phone' as I choose to have a life filled  with experiences that will become stories to both write and talk about. So what HAS been happening?  This is gonna be a long post! I came up to the Payson area around the end of March.  I was wanting to watch the cactus bloom and visit this area again.  I, also, wanted to visit and spend some time hanging out with my friend Steve-Nemo (of   fame). Steve has been wanting to talk about long distance hiking which has been on his mind and is the subject of one of his blogs http:\\   During early spring of 2011, I spent three months hiking on the Appalac