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Simply a successful GTG!

and fun too! Most everyone has moved onto their next location. One person is waiting for another package delivery then rolls out. We had a great time. I especially liked the new hike and band - we so will continue with those. The weather was good. Company a good mix.  My GTGs are small in overall size. Though there's room for more campers and even overflow space available. We had 8-10 campers. Dinner seems to always be a hit! We had between 25-30 this year. I can roasted 3 boneless legs of lamb. We baked 8 loaves of unleavened bread - Lisa helped and we made lots of different flavors. I think the cinnamon and honey was the favorite! The hike to the Petroglyphs was fantastic! Thanks to my friend and neighbor Tim. Many of us agree that he should start Tim Tours! He is both entertaining and educational as a guide. And thoughtful and kind good qualities for dealing with a group. Even I made it to the top! I got pretty dizzy and faint feeling almost to the top and had to rest until the

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Simply GTG details!

People have started arriving early! Lot's of good stuff going on this Spring. The GTG (that stands for Get Together) is April 17 - 26! Join us for a morning campfire chat (7 or 8 or 9ish - ? Bring your coffee or hot drink) or Camp out with us - a day, a few days, the whole time! Wednesday, the 17th come set up camp if staying with us. I will have my friend Dave Diffner help you with campsite selection. No campfire today. Thursday, the 18th is the first morning campfire - be sure to come if you are camping here. I will give a few details about staying on my property. In the late afternoon anyone who wants to can join me for foot massages!  Friday,  the 19th around sunset is The Community Dinner! (I plan for about 35 - if you are coming giving me a heads up helps with dinner plans) Saturday - well sunset Friday till sunset Saturday is Technology Free day on my property! (What you do in your car, RV or van is up to you). I am planning a trip to the local Petroglyphs!  Sunday, the 21st