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New YouTube update


Whew! Simply a stormy morning in Witch Well

Here you go.... I woke from a nightmare to a hail storm - incredible as it was 57 degrees outside in the past couple days So then the sun came out and everything melted....encouraging for messing with outside projects! Aaron went off to help our neighors with a solar project. And then a blizzard blew in complete with thunder. Yup Thunder! Kinda wierd.... So I  gave up any ideas of outside work, stoked up the Marine denatured alcohol stove, turned on the wifi, grabbed the phone, tablet, coloring book, journals and pens and hunkered down under the blankets with Ozzie. As we began to warm up, after Ozzie made an outdoor trip, I put some snowy day comfort food on the stove. Macaroni tomatoes and milk was what my family called this... I  make it Vegan Tomato Bisque most of the time. Today we added macaroni just cause...notice Nelda's grandma's silver spoon! (Cook macaroni,or leave it out, add canned tomatoes - I like whole best but diced works - then add salt

Simply a video update

I think that you know that I have a You Tube channel as well as my blog. Simply take a look if you can.  Subscribe,  give thumbs up and leave comments too!