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it's Simply the 2019 Boondockers Bash!

Seth of Nomad Everywhere is helping host a Boondockers Bash at Dome Rock, Quartzsite, Arizona! Watch for more information about this community FUN gathering the dates are November 23rd through December 7th. 

HSP's simply living healthy as Nomad's

Hi everyone! Wow I am glad to be back and typing/writing! Thanks to the Walmart in Parker, AZ, I was able to pick up a new bluetooth keyboard and get back to writing. This morning, in camp, was busy with phone calls and personal visits from nearby campers. I was able to fit in a Video Chat with my friend John from the Hill and Over the Mountain. We discussed living as HSP's on the road I hope you will check out John's YouTube channel as well as our chat. Have a great day and Keep it Simple! Simply, Lesa

H.O.W.A. Build Out - Busy!

I have been so busy with the Build Out. I haven't forgotten about you all...and I will be back!

Simply a loaner Gazelle T4 tent

Simply Pahrump NV or Bust!

Simply I get new glasses at R.A.M. clinic!

Simply part two of the TVT mod

Simply catch up with me

A Simply moving!

Good morning ya'll! Yup. Ozzie and I are still waking up and groggy! We will be moving along to start our day shortly. I just put water on to boil for my dandelion coffee. I finally got a new phone. And I decided to keep my SafeLink service which is my Lifeline service that is given me because of my disability and low income. SafeLink is the Lifeline service provided by Straight Talk and TracFone. SafeLink offers me a pay for option that is a discounted version of the Straight Talk plans. I decided to take advantage of that and now have much better service. Well, it does run off Verizon cell towers so I have service where that is available. It wasn't available in the mountains of New Mexico where I camped this summer. The quick update is that we are going to Show Low and Snowflake today. Ozzie is getting groomed. I am having the SUV looked at, we have had an oil leak that needs attention. Aaaaand   we are moving! Well moving out of the Vintage Nomad trailer!   ... Yup a litt

Working on Simply more comfort for my SUV camper!

Take a look at this video if you would.

Simply Whats Up!

Hey all, I have been camping in Colorado for a while now. It's been awesome! What a beautiful state. Rolling streams, tall fir trees, mosquitos, lakes, beautiful dispersed camping sites that are near towns. Towns with health food stores! and little stores or Merchantiles. Driving on 2 lane highways and roads with wildlife crossing the road or simply enjoying the muchies just off the roadside.  Ozzie, as I mentioned in a recent YouTube video, did have a mini stroke or seisure around the time of the Traveler's Camp Fest (TFC). The TFC organizer and fouinder had a few issues this year. Because of RV mechanical problems, he was late arriving, and because of the crazy amount of mosquitos at Clearwater Lake Resovour, many of us had moved to a remote location outside of Buena Vista. We all, the founder/organizer as well, enjoyed a nice small get together in spite of the changes. And, yes, Ozzie is doing fine. Occasionally his little tongue hangs out of his mouth but it doesn't alw

A little YouTube update

Simply Vanlife

My good friend Bob Wells and CBS talk about it. I no longer use a van - but I am all in as a homes on wheels, alternative housing, lifetime traveler advocate!

What's Up Wednesday!

Monday, Ozzie and I decided that it was time to travel! So we packed up the car and by 7:30 am we were on the road. Because of the recent rains, we needed to stop in St John's at the Post Office to pick up the Amazon packages that had come in last week. We then drove route 180 over to Holbrook. It feels so good to be on the road. And I have changed since my last travels - I noticed things that I hadn't before. Did you know that Holbrook has an actual A&W Restaurant?! How kewl is that. I think I will plan to stop for lunch the next time I pass through. Onion rings and a root beer float (well a taste of one)! As we were leaving Holbrook, we noticed the Kiwanis Dog Park. So we stopped and Ozzie got some excessive. He seemed a little afraid of the rusty steel 'Woof 66' dog cut out. We really had a very relaxing trip to Winslow. Then stopped by Walmart for a few groceries. I thought we were going to meet up with Dave Diffner and then go over to the Mt Hood campsite. He w

Simply Poopie!

After a busy week I am finally straightening up after the GTG. This year's event was great and we had some lovely people here.... and I have an annoyingly nasty comment to make. Trash. I am pretty vocal about how to dispose of trash at MY property. I use a burn barrel for wood scraps, paper, burning labels off food cans (like a vegetable or chili can). I have a public toilet set up where a porta potty can be dumped. I have bins for aluminum - which gets donated to the local church; one for glass and items that cannot be burned - like old lighters, aerosol cans and plastic bottles. I inform people who visit, often through email, then verbally how to use my system. Some people blow me off in mid sentence because they know better than me what to do. Now I also allow both dog poop to be bagged and burned and human waste bags to be burned --- with strict instructions to burn small amounts, douce it good with lighter fluid and burn it thoroughly. Well - as you can see by the pictur

Simply a successful GTG!

and fun too! Most everyone has moved onto their next location. One person is waiting for another package delivery then rolls out. We had a great time. I especially liked the new hike and band - we so will continue with those. The weather was good. Company a good mix.  My GTGs are small in overall size. Though there's room for more campers and even overflow space available. We had 8-10 campers. Dinner seems to always be a hit! We had between 25-30 this year. I can roasted 3 boneless legs of lamb. We baked 8 loaves of unleavened bread - Lisa helped and we made lots of different flavors. I think the cinnamon and honey was the favorite! The hike to the Petroglyphs was fantastic! Thanks to my friend and neighbor Tim. Many of us agree that he should start Tim Tours! He is both entertaining and educational as a guide. And thoughtful and kind good qualities for dealing with a group. Even I made it to the top! I got pretty dizzy and faint feeling almost to the top and had to rest until the

GTG on You Tube

Simply GTG details!

People have started arriving early! Lot's of good stuff going on this Spring. The GTG (that stands for Get Together) is April 17 - 26! Join us for a morning campfire chat (7 or 8 or 9ish - ? Bring your coffee or hot drink) or Camp out with us - a day, a few days, the whole time! Wednesday, the 17th come set up camp if staying with us. I will have my friend Dave Diffner help you with campsite selection. No campfire today. Thursday, the 18th is the first morning campfire - be sure to come if you are camping here. I will give a few details about staying on my property. In the late afternoon anyone who wants to can join me for foot massages!  Friday,  the 19th around sunset is The Community Dinner! (I plan for about 35 - if you are coming giving me a heads up helps with dinner plans) Saturday - well sunset Friday till sunset Saturday is Technology Free day on my property! (What you do in your car, RV or van is up to you). I am planning a trip to the local Petroglyphs!  Sunday, the 21st

Get Together (GTG) stuff!

Hi all - starting a new week with GTG stuff on my mind! I still need a head count for dinner! Comment, email, text or IM me please! I have a confirmed Real Estate agent coming on Tuesday morning the 23rd. I will be making follow up calls to 4 more agents on Monday. IF you need to send packages ( yes I get deliveries!) Use this format: Lesa (your initials without brackets) NeSmith, 524 N7407 #206, Witch Well, St. John's, Arizona 85936.  Mail only: Lesa (your initials without brackets) NeSmith, PO Box 206, St John's, AZ 85936. 

Simply trust the process!

Trust is such a hard thing for me!  Years of different kinds of traumas and abuse, and bullying can leave people with a lack of trust. I think the worst is when we lose trust in ourselves. Of course, that's a hard one to regain as well.  Today, my Medical Ride agency didn't send my ride to my appointment. For the 5th time. Well twice we had to cancel for the weather and three times they didn't show up. So, of course, I have lost some faith that they will do what they say they will. I had to file a formal grievance through my insurance company, which took hours on the phone. Then I had to drive myself to the appointment because I can't put it off again! Ozzie rode with me, he started having sesiures again has been extra clingy. So after the appointment, we went for a walk and then out to lunch. I tried something new by ordering a side of meatballs for Ozzie and a side of Tuna with spinach at Subway. I had never done that before. It was good and inexpensive as well. Then

March Winds signals Spring!

Hey all! I am getting ready for my Technology Free Saturday again. It starts in a few minutes - I have been doing this off and on for years, beginning at sunset on Friday evening and ending sunset on Saturday. I like having a day when I don't answer the phone. Often Ozzie and I read a real book and get outside for a long leisurely walk. Ozzie and I are just sharing an afternoon snack of unsweetened carob chips and an Amazing Grass flavored water. We walked the driveway today - I try to do that every other day. Sometimes the weather gets in the way but I get right back as soon as it clears up.  Our most recent weather is on a gradual curve upwards in temperature! Finally, this pattern actually marks the switch into Spring here in Witch Well! This past week we had more snow, then crazy March winds, and today 50F sunshine! Yeah sunshine! Of course, with the snow melt, comes the puddles and mud that makes driving on dirt roads nearly impossible. I have learned, over the past 5 or 6 yea

2019 Spring N.E. AZ GTG!

Spring is on it's way! It's time to start getting ready for the Spring GTG! GTG or Get ToGether for Friends, Nomadic, Full time RV, Vandwelling, RTR community and neighbors (Witch Well,  St John's & local) Community that is like family is important. Come share, build friendships and celebrate Spring with us. April 17 through 26 in Witch Well, Arizona.  Onsite camping and community dinner at sunset on the 19th. This year's community dinner menu will be Roast lamb, grilled asparagus (if available) and homemade unleavened bread. I will prepare a variety of foods to try and accommodate different diets. Wine and simple adult beverages will be served at this meal - please respect and honor that I do not allow drunkenness in my home or on my property. The community dinner is my personal tradition and celebration of NTBMO/Seder and Passover. We will ask a blessing over the meal. You DO NOT need to believe like me to enjoy this meal or time of togetherness, if you are called

Simple March madness!

Hi there! Here we are in another month - time flies when we are having fun - er or just dealing with the changing weather as Spring is trying to simply show up. Gotta love the sunshine and 60F temperatures as well as blustery winds.  Ozzie and I are doing well. I am deeply entrenched in my therapy and weight loss program. I might share some of what I have learned at some point. I recently finished reading "Boundaries" by Henry Cloud. I recommend it. Dr. Cloud gives good examples and explanations of how we develop different styles of boundary setting or not setting boundaries. He also gives some good ideas for dealing with people in newer ways that may improve relationships, or relationships to perhaps avoid.  I ordered a PCsforPeople mifi box hoping to have service again. There is no signal in my area. So it is being returned.  That's it for today - I was typing this while waiting on an appointment. Keep it simple! Lesa

February is Simply Love Yourself Month!

We all need a little more love. February is a good month to remember that with all the hearts and I love you messages in stores and the media. We need to love ourselves! I need to love Lesa. I like my simple basically low tech life. I like repurposing old stuff and giving it a new life with purpose. I like being a minimalist - I love it, in fact. I like my expressive eyes. I like my hair. I like my strength of character and my work ethic. I like how hard I work at being better than I was yesterday. I am practicing being kind and gentle with myself. I am thinking about Finances. Finances are so touchy. We all are doing a delicate dance to take care of our lives with what we have. Unexpected expenses can upset our balance and cause us financial stress. Hopefully we can get right back on track. I am also considering my online presence and interactions. I have always been very open and available. I originally wanted to share the idea of living a simple, conscious life, with others. I also

January Simple Ramblings!

Hi all! January is nearly over! Where I have been: I stayed home on my property in Witch Well, Arizona this winter.  What I am reading: using my Kindle app on my Samsung tablet, I am reading both Safe People by Henry Cloud & John Townsend and Changes That Heal by Dr. Henry Cloud. I also read my Bible most every day. What I am thinking about: I am thinking about how I relate to other people - or don't relate. I am also pondering the idea of independence vs isolation. I also, am thinking about traveling. I do miss both the experience and my friends on the road.  What am I cooking: I am focusing on portion control and cooking for one. I have been enjoying Dandy Blend as my morning hot drink, I recently gave up caffeine. Jason's  oops that's Jarrow's Spicy Ramen flavor Bone Broth is another new favorite afternoon drink, sometimes I add tumeric it should be good for helping repair my back. Projects that I have finished: my water station. A trailer hitch was installed on