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Simply make lunch!

When all else fails, make lunch! (I have pictures I can't add them from my phone) That's today's Moto.  First thing I smashed my thumb in the door. I gotta say my coffee was good even though I was out of my coconut sugar. Then I stripped a screw. Well, I thought I stripped it - a neighbor stopped by and got it out. It was cross threaded at the factory, not my fault. Though it's an odd machine screw so I can't use the wood stove until I get a new one because it lives inside the fire box. With help, I swept the chimney. The creosote build up is pretty bad. I contacted the company, Cubic Mini Wood stoves.  They said that I have to change out the cap on the roof for a different style ,- darn, I paid $88 for this one. Then they said that I need to wrap all the stove pipe in muffler tape - well why didI spend $135 for stainless steel pipe just towrap it up in ugly muffler tape? I'm not feeling so great about all this right now. The thought crossed my mind that

Simply keep your chin up!

We all have daily frustrations. I have had some phone calls lately from friends who have had some unexpected financial situations, some blood pressure and other health issues and some sadness due to comments on Facebook.... They are all frustrated in different ways. I myself was frustrated when I spilled my coffee, smoked up my living space trying to start a fire in the Woodstove and then yanked a poorly installed handle off the trailer! It's the stuff some days are made of. Simply that... So what's a way to get back to our happier selves? One trick I use, and at times I even speak it out loud to Ozzie. But he seems to understand!? I remind myself that if I can make or find one little tiny success, my perspective will automatically change. And it does - well sometimes I have to find two or three.... My smoky home, spilled coffee turned out to be the catalyst for cleaning the kitchen counter of clutter. Maybe I should have done it days ago although I truly needed the cha