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Simply a Video update

In this YouTube video I explain my disabilities,  make some apologies and you get a bit of history too

Video Gear Review 8 May 2018


How do I simply break out of depression? 9 May 2018

Hi readers. How do I break out of a simply ugly depression? First even though I don't like depression or my PTSD tendencies,  my first line of defense is to acknowledge that that's what is happening in my life. Recognise and remember that these diseases are a part of my life. I recall that for a short time it's ok to be right where I am and for a time that happens to be under the control of a disease. The disease of depression and that of PTSD, for me, is like a 3 or 4 headed monster. A monster who reminds me that I am worthless and know nothing. My PTSD, it reminds me that I take up too much space in the universe, I never should have taken the first breath at my birth, it takes me, way to easily, back to some ugly traumas from my younger life. During this difficult time, if words are used in similar sentence structure or with similar voice inflections as an incident in my ugly past, or if I watch a movie with a scene that is similar to one of my compounded traumas ...

Single again and I got a kitty!

Hey ya'll! Well my failed experiment is over. I am single again and got a kitty! That sounds interesting but honestly it's been a very emotionally draining time for me. Aaron is a nice man, and he is very generous and helpful. We didn't get along very well,  mostly our communication styles were so different it was painful to discuss anything. Kinda like two planes passing each other by, we would get blown off course and me, being a double (5 mins short of triple) cancerian sun sign, in tears all the time. So we broke up about a month ago. He left to start his adventures yesterday. Good and safe travels Aaron! Now the kitty story. I had a 6ft bull snake visitor last fall. Early this Spring I had a 3ft gopher snake climb right up the cement post my vintage trailer is setting on. Well within 5 inches of that post was the wiring access for my solar and it wasn't very secure because we were working with it. The snake was disoriented and moved about a 1/4 miles away - tha