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February is Simply Love Yourself Month!

We all need a little more love. February is a good month to remember that with all the hearts and I love you messages in stores and the media. We need to love ourselves! I need to love Lesa. I like my simple basically low tech life. I like repurposing old stuff and giving it a new life with purpose. I like being a minimalist - I love it, in fact. I like my expressive eyes. I like my hair. I like my strength of character and my work ethic. I like how hard I work at being better than I was yesterday. I am practicing being kind and gentle with myself. I am thinking about Finances. Finances are so touchy. We all are doing a delicate dance to take care of our lives with what we have. Unexpected expenses can upset our balance and cause us financial stress. Hopefully we can get right back on track. I am also considering my online presence and interactions. I have always been very open and available. I originally wanted to share the idea of living a simple, conscious life, with others. I also