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Simply How to pick a campsite!

You drive down secluded National Forest roads. Spot a lovely and empty camping area. Stop and walk around. ..if you see stuff like this - maybe go across the street.

Simply last nights Sunset


Snow on the mountains!

Which is why I'm left Flagstaff. We have had rain in Sedona. The weather is making my depression kick in. So are the memories that come back when hearing old  songs on the radio station that I found. On a happier daughter chatted and sent pictures of my granddaughter.

Simply Sedona

The weather in Flagstaff was too cold for me. Sleeping with the hot water bottle is not too much fun so I asked around for some ideas where it would be warmer and not too far away. I decided to drive down to the Sedona area. I thought there were some of our friends down here but they left already. I had been warned about Oak Canyon and that the road was really twisty and steep and that it might be hard driving but I didn't realize that Route 89a and Oak Canyon we're the same road soooo I'm driving along and all the sudden there are very steep hills. Luckily the speed limit was very slow and I maneuvered the drive just fine with no panic attacks. I'm now sitting at camp just south of Sedona in a lovely spot with a great view and cell phone service.And I'm sitting around camp in a sleeveless shirt!

Interesting cooking in history

Busy day

A quick trip to town with a friend this morning turned into quite the stess maker as a semi side swiped us on I40.  We are all shaken although fine.   Interesting that the police officers told us that we should not have stopped but that we should have chased the truck who hit us while dialing 911. ..say whaaat.... Any way back at camp we had a visit from a herd of may be able to find them in the picture.

National Park-Grand Canyon

Omgosh I went to the Grand Canyon! Some friends and I just hopped into a passing truck. Bryce stopped by and said come we did.

Simply exhausted

I feel very tired.  I have been healing and processing some energy draining issues. I feel safe where I am right now. In an amazingly lush space in the dessert. can be done with enough proper compost and gray water irrigation. I will give my body some rest. California is an interesting state with many different climate changes in a few short miles. I may visit Joshua Tree tomorrow.

Simply Recipes and Passover

Holyday Inspiration

Whether you celebrate Holydays or Holidays,  use todays Roman calendar or a biblical calendar or just a family tradition. Spring is a time to celebrate new beginnings. ... I have been keeping the Night to be Much Remembered and the week of Passover most of my life. Last year I celebrated with two friends. We shared a solemn, humbling foot washing ceremony.  Prayed together.  For NTBMO we enjoyed an unleavened meal of grilled meat, greens and matzos. When we moved on,  I made sure to assist the others with celebrating Easter in a way that they requested.  I helped them to find a church on Easter Sunday and then waited so we could continue our travels together. I just bought my matzos.  I'm not sure who I will celebrate with, where I will be or what flavor this years celebration will be. ...and I may just go to San Diego and grill lamb burgers to eat with matzos and salad at the beach. I hope that you celebrate the spring Holydays in a way that is best between you, your family a

Simply Monday Music

From Steve whom i met at Slab City Grand Canyon #1 Keeney:

Hey Al!

Where ever you went to hide away and celebrate your birthday - ~~~~la la la la (warming up tee hee) ~~~ Happy Birthday to ya, Happy Birthday to ya, Happy Biiiirthday! (Sung appropriately in the style of Stevie Wonder, head movement side to side and all)