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Rio Claro

Visiting Rio Claro is like stopping somewhere in South Carolina or Georgia on Route 1!  It's kind of a no where town with a big highway running right through the middle.  It has the WalMart of grocery stores, Pali.  A bank, a bunch of restaraunts that remind me more of Panama than Costa Rica and a few rundown looking hotels, that aren't that inexpensive really.  My travel partner Orlando and I have been tent camping for the better part of 3 weeks along the Pacific coast.  We spent the first week or so in Dominical rubbing elbows with some fishermen from a local association, which was interesting.  I learned to make yet another version of fish soup from a wife of a member.  We then traveled down the cost to visit Curre for a couple nights and to drop off some homegrown rice and beans to Orlando's family.  After that we were headed to Corcovado, a national park that starts near Drake Bay and runs almost to Panama.  Drake Bay was interesting as was the looooong boat ride, we