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Simply catch up with me

A Simply moving!

Good morning ya'll! Yup. Ozzie and I are still waking up and groggy! We will be moving along to start our day shortly. I just put water on to boil for my dandelion coffee. I finally got a new phone. And I decided to keep my SafeLink service which is my Lifeline service that is given me because of my disability and low income. SafeLink is the Lifeline service provided by Straight Talk and TracFone. SafeLink offers me a pay for option that is a discounted version of the Straight Talk plans. I decided to take advantage of that and now have much better service. Well, it does run off Verizon cell towers so I have service where that is available. It wasn't available in the mountains of New Mexico where I camped this summer. The quick update is that we are going to Show Low and Snowflake today. Ozzie is getting groomed. I am having the SUV looked at, we have had an oil leak that needs attention. Aaaaand   we are moving! Well moving out of the Vintage Nomad trailer!   ... Yup a litt