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B 2017 1225 Happy day of Simplicity

It's December 25th. Lots of others consider this a holiday. Not so much for me. I don't have any family memories to keep up. Anyway Happy happy carry on with living a good life. Remember to Keep it Simple! Any day is a good day to focus on Simplicity! So I have been feeling  a dilema with the installation of solar on my car. I was given a lovely panel. The dilema felt like frustration though I sruggled to define the issue.  I tried to end the frustration by gathering information, I became confused.  I couldn't sort out what was "bugging" me. I tried talking it out with the project team and left feeling uncomfortable or something - I couldn't name what I felt, just defeated and deflated, as if this is gonna be a drawn out not frustrated experience and I'm probably not going to get what I need and want.  So I got off alone.  Then I had a nice long shower and detangled my hair which I had let go while I was sick with that cold and allergy ick.  That per

B 2017 1223 update from the road

Hey! Thought I better get back to work and write you all an update! The Southwest is cold right now! Okay seriously days in the 50s and 60s and nights in the upper 30s and 40s isn't that cold. Although we had one night with temps under freezing. Ozzie and I woke to frosty ice inside the windows. One positive on the frost is that as the sun warms up the windows and the ice melts I get to wash the inside of the car windows! It's pretty though. I have been pretty miserable with a cold, it's seeming better this morning. I find it amazing how a little cold takes my brain functions away. I can't think very good when I feel sick. Add another factor, I didn't know that all over the counter cold meds ,well guess I should say most, have the hidden ingredient ginger. That's great for most people but I am allergic to ginger. So I was suffering even more with hives and crap before I knew what was going on. Stopped taking meds and I feel much better and hives abou

Ozzie was interviewed!

Check this out! Ozzie is interviewed by GoGrannieJoSparks's dog Tippy on YouTube! Yup, we did our best with details...who really knows everything. I need to check paperwork that I have somewhere as to his age...I  think hes been with me at 4 RTRs. Keep it Simple and Enjoy your day!

Simply Sunday morning with Ozzie!

Enjoy! Simply, Lesa

Simply Goodmorning Ehrenberg Update

Hey, I've been in Ehrenberg a few days. Its nice to be within a community of people that are generally of a like mind and lifestyle.  I have had some challenge with Ozzie perhaps being overwhelmed although its improving. Here is a quick morning video with pictures, hope you dont get dizzy, of the inside of my Honda when camping. More soon..... Keep it simple sweetie!  Simply, Lesa

Where am I simply going?

On my way to Ehrenberg - a little update!