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Hurricanes & Earthquakes .... enough already?!?

The east coast of the US seems to have made through this major storm of the century! (did anyone see that movie - one of the only scarey movies I actually liked.)  Sometimes I think that the media blitz during these events is just annoying chatter that stirs up the average persons emotions and keeps everything stirring.  I feel it is good to be informed.  And then we could move on for a while and come back to be informed again.  Just spending days and nights huddled around the giant TV sets of the world seems somehow a bizzare event in and of itself.  and perhaps I am becoming one of the old people of the world.... My 'friend' Steve "Love Life" Frugate is in southern Maine, I hope to meet up with him when he gets closer.  I got the brakes fixed on my Explorer although I still need a few things done to feel comfortable driving it a long distance.  I have decided to sell this vehicle and use the money to buy a mini-van which I can live more comfortably in - a mini-v

Repairs already!

So my new-to-me Explorer needs a total brake job! It just started that tell-tale scraping sound so I took it to a relative of a relative's Auto repair shop only to be told its a $1200 job with much more work to be done before the next inspection sticker can be had in Feburary.... bummer - I made a good decision - didn't I?  I slept in the local WallyWorld parking lot a couple nights as I debated what to do and how to tackle this new set of issues.  Then remembered I have a handy nephew near by.  I contacted him and have been staying with them the past few days.  I sold my hammock camping set up in order to buy the pads and 2 rear roters, my nephew and his neighbor are going to help me out with the job and they will look it all over and see if I have any other major stuff to repair.  Anyway my life is still an adventure! I heard from my Great Aunt, who had been a missionary in Japan.  She is wanting to visit with me this week while they are traveling here in Maine, so we mad

Mobile Lifestyles!

Incredible, take a look at this! -- So I've been couch hopping (different from Couch Surfing which is related to the website....couch hopping is w/ppl I already know and didn't use the CS site to contact)... ever since I got the Explorer.  I'm staying w/family off and on and geez...I'm so done with that.  I clean, wash dishes, paint walls and generally clean up other ppl's messes or cook for them so I can have the 'honor' of sleeping on their pet infested couches or to have the other 'honor' of hanging my hammock in their junk room.... I'm sooooooooo done!  So this morning I'm thinking why I haven't already just moved into the Explorer and gone to sleep in the local Wally World parking lot?  Good q (short for question) isn't it!  So after my niece returns from work tonight, I will discuss what she wants from dear Auntie Lesa before I actually do that and leave... OMGosh I just learned that one of t

Another month already!

I think I need to organize my  blog time - I can hardly believe it is the begining of August already!  Time just flies sometimes. It's my older sister Linda's birthday today and no I'm not telling how old she is :D!  Love you Linda, Happy Birthday I hope you have a GREAT day today! Linda is to become a grandma again tomorrow.  Amos, my nephew, and his wife Alice are having their second child - Congrats! Steve is having some back pain - what a reminder of my days of herniated disks.  The memory of John Z., my ex-S.O., seeing me off at the back of an ambulance on the 5th of July a few years ago.  My back was achey and I felt a twinge and pinch in one hip while we were enjoying the 4th of July in a historic section of Brooklyn.  I stood up all day because sitting was just painful.  I didn't tell John how painful it really was, because I wanted to enjoy the day hanging out together again.  We did this 'on-again-off-again' relationship thing over nearly 20 year