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So I've been couch hopping (different from Couch Surfing which is related to the website....couch hopping is w/ppl I already know and didn't use the CS site to contact)... ever since I got the Explorer.  I'm staying w/family off and on and geez...I'm so done with that.  I clean, wash dishes, paint walls and generally clean up other ppl's messes or cook for them so I can have the 'honor' of sleeping on their pet infested couches or to have the other 'honor' of hanging my hammock in their junk room.... I'm sooooooooo done!  So this morning I'm thinking why I haven't already just moved into the Explorer and gone to sleep in the local Wally World parking lot?  Good q (short for question) isn't it!  So after my niece returns from work tonight, I will discuss what she wants from dear Auntie Lesa before I actually do that and leave... OMGosh I just learned that one of the Giant dogs is preggers so she is NOT getting rid of it! 4 cats, 2 HUGE dogs in a leaky, wow, it's incredible mess of a house trailer....

Because of the Explorer purchase, I am low on cash until early next month, so I need to make do a bit - the windows are tinted and close to black and I probly won't have a curtain yet (or I might surprise myself).  If I could just sell the Gregory backpack that's only been slightly used and has been on Craigslist for a month, then I'd feel more comfy about my money.  I'm also a bit concerned about being warm enough as I have felt cold at night even in the houses up here in the good ole North East of the USA.  (I was spoiled with that weather in Central America the past 5 years!)

Oh and I don't have a camera right bare with me as I get a little more together - at least the libraries in the US have computers for us to use!


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