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Post RTR Newbie Camp with Simply Lesa Jan 25 - 29

Any Newbies wanting a little more practice near others may show up at Camp Simply Lesa Jan 25 - 29 ONLY! I will be available for morning Chit Chats between 9 and 11 am in a central area. We will help hold your hand a few days only...  It's expected that you break away from this camp between 3 and 5 days. I will leave Alone on the evening of the 29th  or the morning of the 30th. The camp is located in Ehrenberg near Bob's favorite site off Frontage road EAST.  Watch for blue and green Mardi grai beads and solar lights.   DO NOT REPLY HERE FOR DIRECTIONS I DON'T HAVE ACCESS TO THIS FORUM ON MY PHONE! Directions: 10W to Ehrenberg exit.  At stop turn Left. At Roundabout tale Frontage Rd EAST.  Drive 2.7 miles. Turn Left at rusty barrel. Drive approximately 300 yards. Watch for blue and green decorations and solar lights

Simply an interview with Rollingsteeltent!

Al asked me to talk about why I bought land...  I had to mention the surprise it has given me. Keep it Simple!

Simply getting ready for the RTR

Hi everyone, Ozzie and I have been doing our best to stay calm and healthy as we prepare for the upcoming RTR in Quartzsite, Arizona. The Rubber Tramp Rondevous officially starts tomorrow morning at a location in Scadden Wash. You can check out the details at Bob Wells' So you are probably wondering what we have been up to. We were given a solar panel for the car and we thought that we could relatively simply get it installed on the the roof rack of the Honda...well Amazon order glitches and other stuff and it's not happening... well yet at least. Then I had a bearing go on the car and parts haven't been available as we were told that they would be. So after some neighborly camper RTR mechanic help, we moved the car to a location on the access road to the RTR neighborhood. Then we set up a base camp. This location will be marked with blue and green ribbon or something and solar lights near a rock mile marker. I'm setting up my Canopy Tent which will