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Simply Right now

Here is what I have been going through since thanksgiving.  First I got the flu then my right side of my face drooped. Thought it was better for like two days but I have been so tired and my face keeps drooping and twitching. A couple weeks ago I called a nurse line and following the conversation was taken to the ER. I was checked for strokes then admitted for tests and observation.  An MRI showed tiny lesions on my brain which are not of concern,  it also showed two larger lesions that seem to indicate possible MS. I was released with an appointment for a second opinion. A couple days ago I had that appointment. I don't have anymore news which is frustrating.  I have more testing this week.  Now I am letting you all in on some pretty private information. Please be kind in your responses. I have a lot on my mind.  I have dizzy headaches all the time.  My balance is off. A 10 minute drive can exhaust me. The car wash made me feel nauseous and unsafe to drive  - so I hung out in a pa