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Decisions, decisions

I'm anxious to get moving again.  I've been visiting in one location for quite some time now and I am sure my hosts as well would like a break, I know I get that way myself.  I have been struggling with the idea of getting a loan (omgosh after 7ish years of debt free living!) to buy a vehicle so I can travel a little easier.  I learned from 170 miles of hiking that carrying everything on my back is a kewl idea and it can get old - quickly.  I can live out of a backpack and I would like a few more things than that style of life is giving me at this stage of my life.  So it's probably a good idea, since it might look a little kooky to see a middle aged woman walking on the side of a road dragging a wagon or something, to just buy a car, a mini-van, a van, a small suv --- something.  And big enough to be comfortable and to sleep a night or two in while traveling.  So I've been looking and a found something interesting and I have contacted my credit union ---- and now the w

It's GREEN, It's non-electric, It's great for Off-Grid or RV/Location Independant types... check it out!

Vincent (my Van that Goghs) and I...: Food For Thought

Vincent (my Van that Goghs) and I...: Food For Thought : "My riches consist not in the extent of my possessions, but in the fewness of my wants. J. Brotherton"


I admit it I am a Foodie!  Okay I just love food.  It's so creative.  It makes people happy and I can make pretty dishes with it that help people smile or remember good stories to share.  I just love touching it and molding it and putting flavors together.... and honestly I like eating some of it, I don't like eating as much as one might think.  I have eaten - more than my share sometimes,  yup that's how I got fat - maybe not the Why I got fat - that is another story. Food is fun!  We need it everyday, more or less.  I think it's a wonderful thing that God gave us a way to survive, to fuel our physical bodies, to affect our emotions (think relationship break ups & chocolate cake, or PMS and pints of wickedly flavored icecream!), to play creatively mixing colors and textures and show love and we can do this every day - or share the experience with others and do it a couple times a week.  Food is great! My family's physical heritage affects our digestive trac

The How, The Why, The Where am I going...

Today is the first day of ... well - the rest of my life as someone says, so I figure it's time to catch up with all the blogging I haven't done.  While I have been pondering ideas of how to tackle this major project, I thought it a good idea to just post some history stuff by subject.  I do have personal journals that I have written most days for the past 30 years and it is possible that some of those entries will become part of this blog as well.  Many people have asked me to write a book or books - we will see where this leads.  I am open to many things and creative ideas generally spark an interest with me.  So hang on and enjoy the ride, if you dare!