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Wow it's hot today

I'm splurging on store bought frozen lemonade, fanning flies and probably will need to take benedryl tonight. And it's still a good day

Simply one month with my Scamp

Simply great progress was made yesterday on my Scamp! Frame repairs and a coat of Rustoleum Restore paint was done the other day. flooring was measured and cut. Man that is tedious work to get it right. We can start putting her back together now.. Pictures soon.

USA American Food sucks

I spent hours at the hospital in the middle of the night. I am okay-ish I ate two pieces of KFC for supper. My excuse for eating  fast food chicken is that I have been very busy working on my Scamp and I have no kitchen until we finish. I also am tired of being different and careful about my diet and food. I also miss growing my own - gathering eggs in the morning and picking greens to make my breakfast.  Dumb excuse. The ER Dr said that I had a reaction to a food sensitivity and acid reflux which caused an environmental asthma attack.  I have to take meds and see my PCP asap.  He also said to keep searching for a Dr who specializes in food allergies. And this only days after receiving the results of my allergy testing which says that I have no allergies. I'm so frustrated. And I had not eaten KFC in years. Darn.

Simply Gear - wish list stove

I'm so saving for one of these

Monday update

This past week was busy with the installation of my new roof vent. Cabinet doors are being salvaged with paint.  And design ideas are flowing. As is the style of RV Parks, neighbors have come and gone.  :(  While they were here it was nice to have help. I'm cleaning and scraping the inside. Hopefully the floor goes back in place in a couple days.  Electric updates probably will be done this week too.  I'm ordering the new windows today,  God willing. I wish I had ordered led bulbs or tape before the electrical would be nice to update to that as well. Simply, Enjoy the pictures! Lesa Oh darn as I am sitting here inside the Scamp typing this blog post. .it began to rain and drip drip on my shoulder!  Man. Okay it is better now while it's easier to fix stuff. Darn.

Scamp design ideas!

I choose to live by a couple principles:      K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Silly)      and a quote from William Morris      "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. " I love this table top idea. Used pallet wood - it would look kewl in the camper though might be too busy in a small space, perhaps I will redo the top on my outside table this way. I love this vintage suitcase drawer system too although it would be too heavy and impractical in my space. ..I'm thinking of making my lower cabinet doors with chicken wire inserts! How about lace screens? And Al - you might be onto something with the Pearl idea!  Hmmm Vantucket and The Pearl or Vantucket and Pearl!   ???

This week. I crazy?

I have been so busy and creatively happy! Stress both good and challenging -and I made progress too! I am pulling out stuff and cleaning like a crazy woman that's my freshwater tank on the picnic table. Yesterday I pulled the sink and gave it a good scrubbing with Bar Keepers Friend (good, inexpensive stainless steel cleaner). It looks like new. The design ideas are flowing as well...

Omgosh too cute!

red Morris Minor matching mini-caravan - h ttp://

Charlie's all decked out

For the 4th of July. ..!

Anyway it's the 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day!   I'm pretty independent. ..How about you? I can see rain on the mountain in the distance as I continue scraping. ..ooooh I'm nearly done!

Monsoons or?


Update Thursday

Well I didn't realize that my past 2 blog posts were stuck and half loaded into blogspot land. I will work on that asap so you can catch up with me. I just got my package from the Scamp factory. ..whoohoo! Aaaaand the tiny hail came down from the sky. ..literally.  Arizona's Monsoon (what?) Season just officially began.  I'm hearing thunder in the distance.  

Progress is a matter of perspective!

Years ago I learned about Turtle Steps. Turtle Steps are steps taken forward in slow motion. There are times in life when that's all we can seem to do.  I am chipping away at the gunk on my Scamp's roof making way for the installation of my new roof vent.  The past couple days seemed like progress was so slow. It's going along better this morning.