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Simply a choice built out of Freedom

I was watching a movie The people were fighting for freedom The leader asked what they intended to do with their freedom. .. Thoughtful moments and some rainy day movie therapy with built in yawning (chuckle)... And my choice to live with as much freedom as I can find led me to a lovely forest setting while I recuperate from all my recent social activities and wait for the current winter storm to pass. I have mixed feelings about not getting any snow! Though the rain has provided us with nice inside days.  Since I am visiting at a friend's cabin there's a lot of good conversation and shared food. You may wonder how I manage visiting when living out of my van.  The biggest thought that seems to help others understand is that I bring my own bedroom with me. Yes I am sleeping in the van. Of course being rather independent and probably carrying some trust issues in my back pocket,  I try to show up all showered, with clean laundry, and a stocked kitchen pantry.  I also try to

Simply Napping!

Unless hammocks are part of every day decor...napping is often saved for days of either illness, when you can't remember napping anyway or for days of great satisfaction! I feel very happy today. I packed up while fixing my morning coffee and sauteing a platano/plantain for breakfast. I drove at my own pace, stopped when I felt like stopping. I bought some groceries and enjoyed the process. (Yes friends I bought the right stuff easy to keep long term veggies and apples). I reached my intended destination. And it's a pretty day too. I went for a lovely hike in a the forest with a special friend - the kind that I can talk to without qualifying my statements. And omgosh - I took a nap! Something must be going Simply right! :) Simply Lesa

So Why would I want that?!

You mean the Vortex Blender that is on my wish list again?  Well I had one before - actually it wasn't mine I just had use of it for a while.  It worked great. For what it is. The gear box is fabulous.  I wish that there were other assesories like a grain grinder or food mill attachment.  Okay so I want one again because I want to make my own healthy mayonnaise.  And an occasional frozen drink - frozen coffee with honey and coconut cream anyone? Yes I tried blending ice with it. It works and works well too....well unless you are stuck on a Vitamix or HealthTec Blender....but hey they take gobs of power...and I don't want to roll that way...maybe if I had a cabin...ah who knows. We CAN change our minds! And Why, again,  would I want another GSI Haulite Tea Kettle! ?  Because I had to give my first one away when I had too many things to carry and needed to get outta dodge quickly one time. That was the best tea kettle ever. It heated water as fast or faster than aluminum without

Simply more than one way

To do anything! After living this particular traveling lifestyle for three years I've realized that it is just smart to have more than one way to do any one thing. You see stuff changes all the time out on the road. For example, washing dishes. I've tried keeping only one way. I built-in a sink and traded stuff for that sink.  I've used the ladder rack...the inside doors, spray bottles, baby wipes....goodness!  So now I have a number of ways to wash dishes and just use the one that works. When I am in a group situation the needs are different from when I am putting in miles and sleeping in urban/Wal-Mart situations where i want to becareful when and where i toss my dirty water. And then there are the I'm alone in camp days or weeks. I have a couple favorite bowls and bins that hold water nicely. in particular fits on a step in my ladder rack and makes a great wash station that others can use. And when I am busy I can just toss dirty dishes into it and wash them

Health Reminders - ouch!

I simply had a nagging owie in my digestive tract I RE-read all my information just to remind myself to stay on top of my health. Yes I made some mistakes lately. Enough to create a mild flare up. here we go again.  I CAN'T Cheat! I love my friends. I want to be like them and able to eat anything.  I love preparing and sharing food! I love to watch and hear others be happy. Sorry folks - I can't eat your pizza! or homemade spaghetti. Or special cake. Nor meatball subs. Nor fast food like stuff from McDonald's (only black coffee - boring me), I can't have a whopper or French fries,  no Frosty either....darn. Okay enough poor me rant. When I have a flare up I have to make a well boiled organic chicken broth,  drink veggie juice (carrot is my favorite) and only RAW-unpasteurized goats milk (not so easy to find). That's it until I heal up. Then I can add healthy fats (cold pressed extra virgin Olive oil, unrefined coconut oil or Raw unpasteurized but

Simply Beautiful 4 Peaks - Tonto National Forest.

WOW! Talk about a great lead! Good roads - dirt though in great shape mostly. And fun twisty driving off the main road - I put the van into second gear to save was a blast! There are 4 x 4 trails and sightings but very low key. Good cell signal in most areas - we needed Ozzie comfortable as a priority yesterday afternoon so I sacrificed the cell signal. Hiking and walking is great! Weather is mild even with the rain this week. I've got a light jacket on And check out the view - even with cell phone pictures! The wildflowers are about to bloom all you photographers! Birds and wildlife abundant - chirpy mornings! To get here take any path to Route 87 North of Phoenix (South of Payson) and watch for signs.

At 4 pm Ozzie was done!

As in overwhelmed! He passed up a beef bone today.  He wanted to be held a lot  And then at 4 pm while I was driving around our new location hunting for a campsite - he looked up with a long sad face and whined. He had crawled under his blankie and just had enough. So I parked in the only kind of level spot I could find and did what I could to help him settle down for the night. Tomorrow we can look for a more comfortable site that can become home base for the next week.

Simply Safe

For the night. How do I pick a campsite and do my best to stay safe? First I try to get travel and campsite advice from my friends. Often my plans include stopping where I think someone else I know will be for the night. When that is not possible - like on this trip...I check websites that are trusted sources of information., etc.  I pick a direction and then aim in that general direction.  Now I have had to learn to use instinct and gut feelings.  They are pretty important to my process. If I have an odd or uneasy feeling about an area I will either move on immediately or if it is a mild uneasyness I will create an emergency plan or escape route.  Where I am tonight is beautiful and its in the mountains/hills. The air feels like rain. I checked with neighbors who were out hiking as I was driving in and inquired about the safety of the area as well as the potential problems in a rainy situation. You know - am I going to get stuck with no way out

Simply Towns along the way

While driving today I passed through two very interesting towns that was Bouce and Vicksburg Arizona. I think next time I'm in the area I need to stay a little while and check them out And then a little Hope - and Agila...

On the Road again!

Today is a travel day. ... Wave if you see me!

A great Simple Friend

Busy project filled day - check! Drink of water - check Clean up campsite - check Supper - check Relax - ahhh Ozzie has that covered!

Simply Solid Love!

I just keep finding rock solid love in the desert! It's been happening for a couple months now.

Sometimes you Simply gotta get busy!

I woke up comfortably this morning. I thought that I would heat water and take a bath...but...stuff just happens sometimes and the day just gets away from me!  :) Ozzie and I are happily doing stuff at home. You understand, little things that we keep putting off or that just got away from us some other day. We were out shopping yesterday. Ozzie went into a few stores with me - hardware stores and a Big Lots. He got himself a new "baby" (toy with a squeaker).  While it have been working he's been bringing the baby in and out of the van!  I think that we are finally relaxing as we sing along with the radio and we are feeling more normal - I know -whatever that means really!

Simply Big Horn Sheep

Soooo - ah - Evelyn you left a day early! I hope you can see the actual sheep in the pictures from Craggy Wash just now! 3:23 pm

Some people actually help BLM!

My friends Shane and his daughter Lily have been helping to clean up one of our favorite locations. BLM and Forest Service Rangers often will provide gloves and bags if we will help bag up trash. I appreciate all the volunteers who quietly help to keep our public lands beautiful and free of trash. Thanks Shane and Lily! Please check out his website at:

Simple Campsite in LHC

Craggy Wash in Lake Havasu City is a lovely canyon 14 day stay BLM campsite. Evelyn and I brought the dogs up today and set up a simple campsite. We wouldn't mind company!

Simply Mind Changing!

Ever since I overheard someone, who is kind of in a leadership role, describe me in what I felt was a negative way to someone who had recently met me as some one who changes their mind a lot. Yea bummer that I walked up behind the leadership guy and he didn't notice. ..of course I backed off and walked away.  I am a self responsible person and check myself  and my thoughts/thought process often. Some will say too often - but hey it hasn't changed very much.  Anyway, for a year, since this happened, I have been noticing the process of mind changing not only in myself but also in others. I have decided that I am fairly normal! Yes I am a creative person and I like to stay busy. I was recently asked to explain how I could buy and sell the Scamp and change my van from raw plywood with one configuration into Vantucket with a vinyl floor and bead board paneling. They also want to know if I am going to make more changes. Humans are changing all the time. Especially those of us adven

Simply Food - Dairy without a fridge?

So I met up with a lot of people through the RTR who ask me many questions about food. I've been lovingly dubbed the "fire godess" as well as the Coffee Queen at these annual events. Questions kept coming up this year about how I manage to live without a refrigerator or cooler. One particular person who is not new to camping was frustrated with coolers and ice and anxious to get an expensive solar system and 12Volt refrigerator. When I asked why they were so anxious about getting this system before their budget could handle that large a purchase. They expressed that they had to have a certain breakfast every day or they don't feel right. I asked about their breakfast choices and made some suggestions. I was a bit surprised that they didn't know 1. what is available and 2. How to store basic food with out refridgeration.  Now keep in mind that I do understand that there can be pleasure from having things that are familiar to us as well as having both hot and cold

Simply Dog Days!

I'm dog sitting! How's that going? Ozzie is adjusting - and he is finally learning to protect his own territory in an acceptable way. He growls and then checks with me to see if he is doing the right thing. Kingston, Sasha and Lexi are missing their owners who needed to fly north to take care of business. Here's the afternoon gang enjoying some shade.

Simply for Sale

I'm Simply Sharing. I saw this outside the laundry mat the other morning. Karen wants a different rig. Hers is a cute size. Its also very neat and clean. I think that it has been taken care of pretty well. The engine sounds beefy!