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Simply a rant

I shared this on Facebook just now.  wish I could put this out in the world another way .. Facebook reaches more people. I finally found out that others in my Nomadic community thought I was begging when I shared that I wanted a shot at the van that was given away at the VanBuild. I did ask to be nominated. I also had asked Jamie Dimon to help me find a road worthy rig months ago and didn't get anywhere. Through the post about the van give away Jamie asked me some questions about my income and a story he had heard. The facts he mentioned we're off, and that happens when we tell something and someone hears it. What I gathered from those questions however was that he didn't want to help me. - I have found a vehicle. No my current trailer is not road worthy. I will not be traveling this winter. I have decided to concentrate on improving my health so I can be alive a longer time. I use my free phone that is on a Lifeline government plan I qualify for because I am low inco

Being Simply Myself

By myself... I am being Simply myself. I'm nobody special. We all are the same. I do my best to live honestly, openly and with humble, grateful transparency. I think I do pretty well. Well except when I am having a nervous breakdown like I did this past spring. I'm sorry that was hard to watch and that some misunderstood me to be whiney or begging or some other negative energy. It's over. I'm more clear. FYI I am still in Witch Well at my property. Yes it is cold and winter here now. If you like, Weather Street gives a good report for my property if you search for Witch Wells (they are in error) AZ. Ozzie and I are doing well. We seem to be pretty healthy. My back is improved. My left side and ankle are nearly back to the shape we were in before the horrible sprain. I'm beginning to walk a mile a day again. I still feel some muscles that need more work. I  sold my Honda and then for the same amount of money was able to buy another SUV, get it titled, regis