Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Simply a rant

I shared this on Facebook just now.

 wish I could put this out in the world another way .. Facebook reaches more people.
I finally found out that others in my Nomadic community thought I was begging when I shared that I wanted a shot at the van that was given away at the VanBuild. I did ask to be nominated. I also had asked Jamie Dimon to help me find a road worthy rig months ago and didn't get anywhere. Through the post about the van give away Jamie asked me some questions about my income and a story he had heard. The facts he mentioned we're off, and that happens when we tell something and someone hears it. What I gathered from those questions however was that he didn't want to help me. - I have found a vehicle. No my current trailer is not road worthy.
I will not be traveling this winter. I have decided to concentrate on improving my health so I can be alive a longer time.

I use my free phone that is on a Lifeline government plan I qualify for because I am low income and on disability. I use this phone to communicate, make limited calls - I am given 350 talk minutes per month. I am also given 1G of data I use that for emails, writing my blog and Facebook. I get unlimited texting - I use this with my closest friends all the time. Often calls are dropped or don't ring at all, then I find voice mail. Often texts send multiple times - up to 12 copies I've heard from annoyed friends. I get so frustrated (I think anyone would) typing on the phones small keyboard, dealing with crazy auto correct that I can't shut off.  

Then there's Facebook groups - I love them and hate them. I just can't seem to get it right - I am friendly and joke and add "just teasing' and I can be in trouble or I forget and use the Simply word with my name and I am 'advertising'! I don't give a crap if people read my blog I don't make money off it. It is more of a newsletter than anything. Then can't get back online to edit or delete for hours .. I just can't take it anymore.  Oh and by the way Messenger is a separate app on my phone and it doesn't always work I can't add people, the phone doesn't have storage memory and the SD card doesn't work - gripe gripe I know.

I love helping people. I like to share.
I love my traditional community dinners - one at Passover and the other during the Feast if Tabernacles (there I said it out loud)
I love my low tech, off grid, simple life.
I love Ozzie, his PTSD, anxieties and all. I don't love his barking.
I love many of you people - whether we have physically met or not.
I love my mix of alone and together time.
I love my property.
I love traveling and I love being in my familiar safe place that is home.

I might be scaling back to only a few friends on Facebook. I have not decided. I might just delete it from the phone

I'm still me. I'm still available. You may just have to come find me. -- you know what else I liked and miss - the evening news like we had in the 70s - just a couple choices no crap just this thing happened in the world and then Star Trek came on! LOL I guess I am getting old aye!


  1. Just do you. People judge and haters hate. It sucks but it happens. I enjoy your writings.

  2. I love you being you. Hope you have a delightful Spring!

  3. Thanks Kathryn! I'm beginning to wonder if Spring will exist this year! LOL we are having quite a windy bit of snow flurries today!