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Procrastination, why?

Hi all.... I used to blog.... Not sure why I'm procrastinating on that whole thing right now, could be the change in lifestyle and all...and occasional lack of cellphone signal. I figured a few of you might like a little check in - so here goes, I'll work the kinks out of my blogging life some other day. Sooooooooooo I got out of Arkansas in early December and drove out to meet up with Bob and the Pre-RTR group.  I was there in 3 days and my van (gosh I love her now! ) didn't have not even one issue.  I was so excited and thrilled to meet the group and Bob...we took morning and afternoon walks with Homer , made pots of Cowboy Coffee and cooked on the firepit, and talked and talked and talked.  Joey arrived the very next morning, and in a similar fashion was excited and thrilled.  We made lots of camp-buddies pretty quickly.  The group kind of ebbed and flowed as people came and went before the actual RTR event.  We convoyed over to Ehrenberg (sp?) for a while which chan