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Simply Home Ramblings

A reader wrote to me about vandwelling -I got long winded and decided to share with you all I appreciate that everyone goes through changes in life.  My friend Wolf recently reminded me that homes and stuff like that change all the time.  It reminds me that I grew up with the idea that I had to research and buy stuff to last a lifetime. When I left home as a teenager I thought that the boots I needed had to be a great purcase because I could only have one pair of boots in my lifetime. Or the coat I needed would be a one-time in my life purchase.   It was quite some years before I learned differently.  Maybe it was because of my family's church beliefs about the world ending in 1969, 1970 or 1972 ... or really soon and people my age would never grow up to have families or grow old. ..maybe.  anyway Vandwelling advice and ramblings. Just build and pack your van the way you would go on a vacation. Pack once then take a break. Remove half the stuff and take twice the money you planne

Simply more changes

Isn't that what they say is the only constant in life?  CHANGE! In an effort to embrace that, I re-evaluated my PMs (project managers) that simply means the people I chose to help me. I can make better choices now that I have some tools of my own and more information as well as some practice with mixing FG (fiberglass) myself.  I can do it - I need to wear a mask - it could make me sick. So I let my friend Roger off the hook when I realized he was exhausted and frustrated after tough days at work.  And even though he wanted to help me I would rather keep him as a friend. And...the master cylinder on my van's brake system went and it was scary driving - well actually trying to stop. I became vanless for a couple days as the part had to be ordered. I slept in the van at the mechanic shop because the Scamp isn't ready to sleep in.  While there I talked over my Scamp project with my mechanic friend and his family and we came up with a possible solution that includes bartering

Simply Small Successes

Finally - some successes. Okay they are small, but hey don't I teach,  in my Personal Project Plan (PPP) class, about Turtle Steps. Turtle Steps are tiny even slow motion steps. This is progress on its tiniest level. 1. I remembered that I CAN do this - even alone if necessary.  I even recalled how I was able to reach my roof to scrape off all the crap before we tackled the vent installation. That installation will have to be removed and redone correctly.  Unfortunately I listened to poor advice which has created stress and has cost me with temporary fixes and refixes. I need to get a step stool and wait for dry weather then I can remove the vent cover to reach the roof and reinstall the vent correctly myself. 2. My time line sucks -so I re-prioritized! Reality checks help tremendously. Given my budget I do need to move by September 7 in order to not pay rent at this rv park which would stall my project completely. 3. If it ain't broke don't fix it - well not yet anyway.

Simply a Senior Moment lol

Somehow my post from yesterday that was/is an update is stuck in "publishing" land on the internet. To fix this whirling internet issue I need to login to my account. ..hmmm ah hmmm I like can't remember the password.  Duh. Maybe later it will come to me But today's progress on the Scamp is that I ordered my new tail lights and Chuck at says I should get them Monday!

Simply a new perspective!

What a difference a day and a few conversations can make. I didn't realize that I needed to hear that someone belives that I can do the reno of my Scamp and that I can do much of it myself.  Thanks Dan for believing in my abilities and skill level. I didn't realize that I needed to hear from the friends that I so wished that I could have visited over the summer.  To hear from them that they care enough to send hugs and emotional support.  Ms Linda, Donna n Mark and Sarah and Lucinda and Al - hugs backatcha. I do remember that all of you do and would help me anytime. The surprise and much appreciated donation - well is overwhelmingly special. Overnight the supportive comments kept running through my thoughts.  I couldn't get what  Dan said off my mind. He said "out of all the people I know - you,  Lesa,  CAN do this. I know if you read a book or watch a video you will figure out what you don't know how to do yet." When I woke up this morning,  I wondered w

Simply Depressing

I feel depressed. (Read or don't at your own risk - this is pure journaling today) Most of the people that I thought were important in my past life have complained that they don't understand me. They have reminded me often of my ability to make poor decisions based on something that they didn't like - usually when I was not willing to take responsibility for their crappie unhappiness. I have some good friends now that are wonderfully supportive.  I probably don't talk to them enough.  I learned pretty early on that I have to be independent.  People, even parents and siblings, cannot be trusted. Husbands and lovers reel you in like a fish chasing a worm on a hook, they baited me with talk of support, understanding, kindness and help and they lie and then wanted me dead. And strangers on the street will steal you blind, lock you in rooms or garages and leave you to clean up the mess. Because of this I have to do a lot alone. And let me assure you that these events occur

Simply 7:13 am

My neighbor has company that arrived 15 minutes ago.  They are 2 feet from my van window talking again.

Simply wishing I had more to say

And I don't. It's been a long week. My Scamp progress has been slow. I feel like it is time to move on from here - from this town. Yet the reality is that I am here until September 7. I sent the tail lights out to be rebuilt. The drip pans during this week's rain.  Scamp and Jeep encouragement.  Charlie came to visit.  Cokeacola and salmon encouragement

Simply mysterious!

The picnic table pile...hmmm

Simply good travel article

Simply Scamp Ideas

I am struggling with the progress being made on my Scamp.  It seems so hard to get help - even when it has been offered freely.  People have their own lives as well as motivations. And  projects like a relatively inexpensive older travel trailer reno always comes with unexpected issues.  I thought that some basic deep cleaning reinstalling the proper vent in the roof and I would be off and running.  Well actually I didn't think it would be that easy although I didn't think that I would be gutting it and doing things two or three times over.  (Rolling my tired weary eyeballs). I like being creative.  I almost hate needing help. Truth be told I don't trust people and I have experience and reason for feeling that way. I, also, am a bit of a perfectionist - well I like things to be and to look nice and even on my budget they can look as though they cost a lot. I do projects on a budget and recycle, repurpose and make do a lot. Geez I dumpster dive sometimes. I don't buy ev

Simply a Work Zone

I feel so tired of living in a work zone. At times it feels like a war zone instead. So I have tried to make the situation manageable and as comfortable as possible. Dumpster shopping (no diving required this time) helped create a seating area. And an old grill intended for the trash keeps my hot plate out of the weather. An old card table with metal chairs was in the Scamp and combined with my gear hammock has become the sink area. It works. And can be passed along when it is time to roll on down the road. I am thinking about heading south during October.  I don't handle the cold well and would like to be more prepared before it becomes an issue.

Simply Yard Sale days

lol -Retail therapy comes in all shapes and sizes. In my budget range Yard Sales are the bomb! Guess I am in a good area too.  So even though these might not be practical - they are beautiful AND they were FREE!