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Simply Vanlife

My good friend Bob Wells and CBS talk about it. I no longer use a van - but I am all in as a homes on wheels, alternative housing, lifetime traveler advocate!

What's Up Wednesday!

Monday, Ozzie and I decided that it was time to travel! So we packed up the car and by 7:30 am we were on the road. Because of the recent rains, we needed to stop in St John's at the Post Office to pick up the Amazon packages that had come in last week. We then drove route 180 over to Holbrook. It feels so good to be on the road. And I have changed since my last travels - I noticed things that I hadn't before. Did you know that Holbrook has an actual A&W Restaurant?! How kewl is that. I think I will plan to stop for lunch the next time I pass through. Onion rings and a root beer float (well a taste of one)! As we were leaving Holbrook, we noticed the Kiwanis Dog Park. So we stopped and Ozzie got some excessive. He seemed a little afraid of the rusty steel 'Woof 66' dog cut out. We really had a very relaxing trip to Winslow. Then stopped by Walmart for a few groceries. I thought we were going to meet up with Dave Diffner and then go over to the Mt Hood campsite. He w

Simply Poopie!

After a busy week I am finally straightening up after the GTG. This year's event was great and we had some lovely people here.... and I have an annoyingly nasty comment to make. Trash. I am pretty vocal about how to dispose of trash at MY property. I use a burn barrel for wood scraps, paper, burning labels off food cans (like a vegetable or chili can). I have a public toilet set up where a porta potty can be dumped. I have bins for aluminum - which gets donated to the local church; one for glass and items that cannot be burned - like old lighters, aerosol cans and plastic bottles. I inform people who visit, often through email, then verbally how to use my system. Some people blow me off in mid sentence because they know better than me what to do. Now I also allow both dog poop to be bagged and burned and human waste bags to be burned --- with strict instructions to burn small amounts, douce it good with lighter fluid and burn it thoroughly. Well - as you can see by the pictur