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Birthdays are no exception. ..

Especially when you are restoring a new 'home'... And yes I am officially 'over the hill now' at 56 years old. ... where has the time gone?

And the saga continues. ..

Morning all, I am in the waiting area at the lab. Waiting my turn for blood tests to determine allergies!  Finally. I sure hope it helps. On my early drive over here,  I passed a storage building yard sale. ..kewl deals.  I got a couple kewl things for my new travel trailer. ...Yes Ms Linda I bought the Scamp! I got a great deal.  Of course I was nervous as that great price came complete with a project! But (think about the acronym Belief Under Transition) as I began the demolition to assess how extensive the project will be - I have been pleasantly surprised.  This thing is soooooo easy to work on.  So far I have done all the work alone, with my travel tools (AA battery powered screwdriver). With the exception of electrical stuff.  I'm kinda scared of electrical stuff and have a healthy respect so I will work on it ONLY when it is completely unplugged. Then I have someone check my work and test the system for me.  Some times I even have to walk away while it is tested.   Hey I h

A funny thing happened on the way. ..

To Vandweller Full-time RV land Omgosh I am so blessed! And busy.  PS nothing to report on my health issues today. Though I am alive, I am challenged every few days with allergens, asthma and chemical sensitivities.  Today is a good day.


Hi all, I am feeling WAY better today. I have rested in the shade and in the air conditioned (think filtered air) comfort of the RV park's lounge.  I have had great showers - this RV park has wonderfully strong water pressure. I woke up to see a peacock (yes, the bird) strolling past the front of my van this morning.  I had not charged the battery on my cell phone so I wasn't able to get a picture to share (I am truely sorry - and hey, I am human) This morning, I have only very light circles of allergy under my eyes as opposed to the black circles I had a couple days ago.  I also am not blowing my nose quite so much today.  I have eaten very carefully all week and am nearly back to my normal size after all the bloating and swelling. I feel much more able to think and focus. I am feeling more normal today.  So I went to a drum circle and had a great time playing Djembe with some newer friends. Then went shopping at a Food Pantry in town and picked up some Kale and Avocados

Thoughts and process

I have been struggling with illness, my thoughts and  financially.  I have  both a therapy and doctors appointment today. I have lost something along the way. I love to travel,  to meet new people,  and see new things. I seem to need health food stores and fresh produce to keep healthy and control my weight. I feel as though I have lost Lesa along the way.  I have no sense of adventure. No sense of belonging.  No purpose. I help people because it is part of my soul although I am tired -it feels useless now. People don't appreciate help. Its as though they don't want the hand up connected to a heartbeat and soul. It leaves me feeling sad and useless. I have wonderful 'friends like family. You know the kind of companions you really can and do call when you need support or when something goes wrong. The people you can cry with. For me these people are scattered around the world.  Mostly in Costa Rica and the United States. My van is a great vehicle. Yet i find it is both a b

Simply chchanges

Hi there, In an effort to provide safety on the open road and in wonderful boondocking land...I have decided to rent an RV space. What?  And pay money! ?   You might wonder what is happening with me. ..well if you have been keeping up with my blog posts,  you know that I have been struggling with some allergies and testing. .it's not healthy for me to be driving around struggling with my being sick.   Yes it is not easy for me to add this expense to my meager budget. And I think it is best for all of us. Imagine me driving while feeling all stuffy and with brain fog. I can rest more this way as well.   I got a beautiful shadey site and permission to be here with my van and my tajmahal. ...I began putting them up earlier and am taking a break while its hot... I got the tent up alone. I think for now I will just use it free standing and without the rain fly...mostly because I don't have the energy to do any more. I sure hope that the stain on the ground, that I noticed this mo

More allergic stuff. .

Now we're talking!   If made the call to reschedule my testing.  I spoke with the office manager and told her what had happened and how I felt. She was unaware of what happened and afterwards we discussed how serious my issues have been. ...she apologized for the experience and told me to expect a call from the doctor soon. We then spent time discussing my history in detail.  I think we were both relieved to find a possible easier way to go about helping me. She was glad to hear that i keep a food diary with notes on my reactions... she gave me more homework and said she would make some recommendations to the doctor and tell him about our conversation.  I feel a lot more encouraged.

Allergy update

A bit of an update. ..about 11am I was called in for an appointment with the new to me, allergist at 12:30. I went thinking that it would be mostly paperwork.  Surprise - processing error with insurance took most of the time. Then a quick. .sit right here and hold your arms like this is - and we're testing for environmental allergies.   I see labels that cause my self protective thoughts to kick in.  Those thoughts were saying 'Omgosh don't let them get that near will be so very sick' I asked God to help me let go of my fear and allow him to take over the process so that I can experience the wonderful health he has given me.  So my arms are outstretched and being covered with marker dots and pricks of allergens.  The attendant walks away and my pre-asthma attack lung ache starts, then the coughing, and my arms start going numb, my ear aches, my nose is (look away all you squeamish folks) running clear snot and I can't move my arms, my eyes are weeping a

Darn allergies and the ER

Omgosh I was chilling and re-grouping my thoughts this evening.  Nice comfortable location complete with shade tree. So I made myself a lemonade (real lemon and raw honey) and took my evenings dose of vitamins.   It was nearly time to head of to my overnight parking spot so I hopped into the van and took off.  A short distance down the road and my breath just stopped - if was as if someone or something sucked my breath away.  I'm driving. ..Omgosh I think. ..what is happening. ..then I can feel my skin burning. ...and I feel prickly and hot...and scared really scared...and my skin is stretching and I feel my legs and arms blowing up like some weird balloon. I come to a stop at a red light and look down to see my bloating red skin stretching my clothes... I say a quick prayer for safety and guidance ..and I aim the van directly toward the hospital. An hour later, my body returning to a more normal size and color I am released with directions to follow through with the allergy testi

Simply DIY Pizza! Part 1

Image all have waited looooong enough! so here is that post about how to make a pizza while camping or hiking. Some of the people at the Winter RTR attended one of my pizza making classes - and some creative types even got the basic idea and came up with ways to make not too much work pizzas in their 12v Lunchbox ovens (ask Mr. Al at So here we go.... Method #1:  Buy a pizza from a pizza restaurant! eat and enjoy.... Okay just kidding - but hey maybe you don't want to be a kewl campground pizza chef.  It's okay do what makes you happy. You will need some tools for pizza making - mainly a source of heat (camp stove, camp fire, camper stove, hiking or even hobo stove...or what have you), a heavy-ish frying pan (your pan will determine the size of your pizzas, think individual personal size pizzas) with cover (its okay to be creative - I have used a couple pieces of heavy duty aluminum foil in a pinch), a spatula is helpful as is a knif