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Simply fun, simply exhausted!

I gotta give you all in blogland an update....honestly we had fun at my GTG and we arent exactly finished, and im exhausted.  Since Facebook and Blogger are NOT on my phone and my only camera is on my tablet...please bear with me till things slow down a bit more and i will write more about the happenings!

The excitement Simply builds!

Wow only a few short days - filled with tons of projects to finish before the GTG campout starts here at my place! Whoo hoo! 5 years ago this five years! I finished up my last housesitting gig in Costa Rica I made a home coming gift for the owner, from stuff gathered on her property. Borded a plane Bought a van site unseen (by the way she now lives on a farm nearby hauling hay and stuff) And i was back in the United States after many years away....reverse culture shock and all! Today I am making a tiny batch of apple butter with leftover apples while preparing myself and my property for 20ish campers! Yup life sure has changed!