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Simply another week in Witch Well!

Hey! So its been another week - I helped my friend Zee, who is 80, get mostly moved into her new house in town. I helped my friend, Cheryl with loading trash and connected her with another friend from St John's who looked over her solar and generator system at her off-grid home. I planted some spinach and lettuce in pots - I don't like the asthetic look, but I need the greens more than the asthetics at the moment.  I'm, slowly working on a mini screened in garden room - mini, mind you, being that it is barely the size of a shelving unit. I expanded the yard fencing to include a hill top dining area. Thanks to Gen for the idea! I've taken my dinner and lunches up there most days this week. I love how practical the space is.  I don't have the ground leveled out yet, one step at a time. I've been getting gentle rain most nights this week! That's been helpful for the flower garden.  Oh and sometime this spring, when people were visiting my house, I had som

Announcement: Fall GTG!

It's that time again.... I can hardly believe it has been a year already Simply Lesa's NE Arizona Fall Get ToGether (GTG) 2018 Who: Nomads, Friends and Neighbors - only those who contact me! What: Camping get together - When you contact me I send detailed directions and GTG schedule as well as guidelines. As usual Friday night, September 28 community dinner. Where: Simply Lesa's home base, off grid property in Witch Well, AZ When: September 24 - October 1, 2018 Space is limited. Contact me on the front page of this blog or at  for further information. I hope to see you soon Keep on Keeping It Simple!