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Simply Crazzy

To give you guys a little update. I'm in Colorado picking up my new to me SUV. Ozzy and I took off from Holbrook Arizona on a Greyhound bus.  It felt nice to let someone else do the driving. We rode for nearly 18 hours on the bus including a five hour layover in Albuquerque. We were both very tired when we got here. SO we took a couple of days too kind of chill out and visit with our friends Shane & Lily. We gradually have been enjoying some vacation style things like going to a waterpark one day and to Cracker Barrel for dinner. We have camped out in some of the local camping spots with them. I've gotten used to driving the new car and got the insurance and legal stuff taken care. Visiting in a large city like Denver has been good and different.   The low drone of traffic all day long as well as the hot city weather can add to our stress levels. I'm walking Ozzie around the lot behind Cabela's here in Denver. They have a large grassy area with sidewalks in the

Simply quietly riding into. ..

My last post was about Simply being along for the ride!  And I am. Quietly, hopefully patiently in my seat. Watching out the window as we move along.   Okay not always quietly because I do like to talk. <grin> My intention was to write and publish a post and update on Wednesday. ..but we were still in motion - unit this morning. I'm enjoying my coffee which I made inside my van. Sitting on my milk crate/game board with Ozzie at my feet I sip the dark warm liquid while I listen to NPR news on a borrowed radio (that I repaired by the way). It's Friday. The month of July is half over. At times, time simply flies past. Yes I am still parked on my friend's 20 acres. I love this area and the people that I meet. The small towns and old school businesses are not only manageable but fun too. The weather has been interesting. With some challenging flooded roads this past week. Which kinda reminded me of rainy season in Costa Rica.  I have found out how to get both UPS and Fed

Simply along for the ride!

Home Housing Homelessness Uncomfortable weather - hot or cold, wet or desert dry Cost As well as legal regulations. ... Over the years since I left my parent's home in Eliot, Maine: these issues have been a consistent part of my thoughts. I was not prepared with information or experience out in 'the world'. I didn't understand legal stuff or how to rent and deal with landlords. I thought everyone had to be fair and that they would deal in every situation ethically, honestly and legally.   and when they didn't I was confused and baffled - and when some of those people were family it was even more baffling - its no wonder I became depressed. I have tried on (like shoes - grin) many different living situations. When out of ideas I have even stayed in homeless shelters and tried to live within the system. .working up from the shelter to transitional housing and finally snagging the Section 8 housing.... (by the way - yuk can you say no freedom and no money) My d

Simply Morning Thoughts not an Update!

I teach a Personal Project Plan (P.P.P.) Class. Often I chose to teach at a Homeless or Battered Women's Shelter or Mental Health Wellness Center. After my nervous breakdown. ..omgosh 10 years ago this coming September/October. ..I was struggling with how to be okay.  It was odd to have the Doctor apply for Disability benefits for me and I needed the help. I guess I thought that I would work some lesson plan and over time (like maybe one year) I would be okay...whatever okay was/is. A lot has changed in 10 years. I have traveled a lot! I have met many new people and even have learned how to not only meet them but also to develop some lasting friendships. I have relocated from Maine to Times Square NYC to Costa Rica and then to a Nomadic Vandweller lifestyle in the South West.  I recently relocated again to St John's Arizona.  For the past 6 months I have had the companionship of my Yorkie Ozzie. In the past ten years I attempted two relationships with men that didn't last