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Simply a rant

I shared this on Facebook just now.  wish I could put this out in the world another way .. Facebook reaches more people. I finally found out that others in my Nomadic community thought I was begging when I shared that I wanted a shot at the van that was given away at the VanBuild. I did ask to be nominated. I also had asked Jamie Dimon to help me find a road worthy rig months ago and didn't get anywhere. Through the post about the van give away Jamie asked me some questions about my income and a story he had heard. The facts he mentioned we're off, and that happens when we tell something and someone hears it. What I gathered from those questions however was that he didn't want to help me. - I have found a vehicle. No my current trailer is not road worthy. I will not be traveling this winter. I have decided to concentrate on improving my health so I can be alive a longer time. I use my free phone that is on a Lifeline government plan I qualify for because I am low inco

Being Simply Myself

By myself... I am being Simply myself. I'm nobody special. We all are the same. I do my best to live honestly, openly and with humble, grateful transparency. I think I do pretty well. Well except when I am having a nervous breakdown like I did this past spring. I'm sorry that was hard to watch and that some misunderstood me to be whiney or begging or some other negative energy. It's over. I'm more clear. FYI I am still in Witch Well at my property. Yes it is cold and winter here now. If you like, Weather Street gives a good report for my property if you search for Witch Wells (they are in error) AZ. Ozzie and I are doing well. We seem to be pretty healthy. My back is improved. My left side and ankle are nearly back to the shape we were in before the horrible sprain. I'm beginning to walk a mile a day again. I still feel some muscles that need more work. I  sold my Honda and then for the same amount of money was able to buy another SUV, get it titled, regis

Simply make lunch!

When all else fails, make lunch! (I have pictures I can't add them from my phone) That's today's Moto.  First thing I smashed my thumb in the door. I gotta say my coffee was good even though I was out of my coconut sugar. Then I stripped a screw. Well, I thought I stripped it - a neighbor stopped by and got it out. It was cross threaded at the factory, not my fault. Though it's an odd machine screw so I can't use the wood stove until I get a new one because it lives inside the fire box. With help, I swept the chimney. The creosote build up is pretty bad. I contacted the company, Cubic Mini Wood stoves.  They said that I have to change out the cap on the roof for a different style ,- darn, I paid $88 for this one. Then they said that I need to wrap all the stove pipe in muffler tape - well why didI spend $135 for stainless steel pipe just towrap it up in ugly muffler tape? I'm not feeling so great about all this right now. The thought crossed my mind that

Simply keep your chin up!

We all have daily frustrations. I have had some phone calls lately from friends who have had some unexpected financial situations, some blood pressure and other health issues and some sadness due to comments on Facebook.... They are all frustrated in different ways. I myself was frustrated when I spilled my coffee, smoked up my living space trying to start a fire in the Woodstove and then yanked a poorly installed handle off the trailer! It's the stuff some days are made of. Simply that... So what's a way to get back to our happier selves? One trick I use, and at times I even speak it out loud to Ozzie. But he seems to understand!? I remind myself that if I can make or find one little tiny success, my perspective will automatically change. And it does - well sometimes I have to find two or three.... My smoky home, spilled coffee turned out to be the catalyst for cleaning the kitchen counter of clutter. Maybe I should have done it days ago although I truly needed the cha

RT Simply an update for you guys

Hi RT and all my followers. RT - (IfItFitsVanLife), used the gadget on my home page to contact me. She asked me to please write an update because she misses hearing about my here goes. ~~~~ I was thinking about an update but I have been rather depressed. I'm not sure about my direction in life though I understand that it's my current health situation that is kicking my butt right now. I injured my back, then fell more than once and sprained my ankle badly. I'm staying with a neighbor until I get my Woodstove installed for managing better heat. It's been good rest and encouragement to not have total responsibility. It's been good for Ozzie to have extra hugs and a doggie friend to pal (and Chase the cat - bad doggies,) with.   I woke early this morning with goal setting on my mind. Knowing that my friend is pushing me to go to town with her today. I will go (we didn't go after all, it started hailing and we have to go Thursday for an appointment).

Community Dinner CANCELLED

Due to a health issue and upcoming surgery. I need to cancel the Community Dinner that had been scheduled for September 28. There are a few campers on site for the very casual (due to my health problem - nerve and back problems) GTG. They are welcome to stay the full 8 days. I won't know my future for a while. Simply hugs and love Lesa

Simply Moving Right along!

I have decided that it is time to get a carport built. It will cover both the trailer and my patio space. I'm also going to screen in the patio space and make storm panels for winter use. A buddy from town will soon add a roof over my outdoor kitchen, using found materials.  I don't know the schedule yet, so I don't know if this will be done before the community dinner during this fall's GTG. Financially, I am now, approximately $1000 short of being completely out of debt. I have been kind of stubborn, which has been good for me in this case. My stubbornness about paying off my own debt has been teaching me how to be more careful. It has taught me the freedom of not being a slave to societies bill paying lifestyle. I needed to do this alone. You may understand I got myself into this and I have to get myself out! Over the years, many followers have generously offered to help me financially. I have always declined. I even refused to monitize this blog or my YouTube

Simply another week in Witch Well!

Hey! So its been another week - I helped my friend Zee, who is 80, get mostly moved into her new house in town. I helped my friend, Cheryl with loading trash and connected her with another friend from St John's who looked over her solar and generator system at her off-grid home. I planted some spinach and lettuce in pots - I don't like the asthetic look, but I need the greens more than the asthetics at the moment.  I'm, slowly working on a mini screened in garden room - mini, mind you, being that it is barely the size of a shelving unit. I expanded the yard fencing to include a hill top dining area. Thanks to Gen for the idea! I've taken my dinner and lunches up there most days this week. I love how practical the space is.  I don't have the ground leveled out yet, one step at a time. I've been getting gentle rain most nights this week! That's been helpful for the flower garden.  Oh and sometime this spring, when people were visiting my house, I had som

Announcement: Fall GTG!

It's that time again.... I can hardly believe it has been a year already Simply Lesa's NE Arizona Fall Get ToGether (GTG) 2018 Who: Nomads, Friends and Neighbors - only those who contact me! What: Camping get together - When you contact me I send detailed directions and GTG schedule as well as guidelines. As usual Friday night, September 28 community dinner. Where: Simply Lesa's home base, off grid property in Witch Well, AZ When: September 24 - October 1, 2018 Space is limited. Contact me on the front page of this blog or at  for further information. I hope to see you soon Keep on Keeping It Simple!

After the Storm - Simply a You Tube Video

Oh that's a great picture! lol Enjoy

Simply a week in July!

Hey! So I'm back at the library, for some reason my $5 a month flashed internet hasn't been working for the better part of two days - so plan B! I'm attempting to upload my latest YouTube video as well. Soooo. I don't recall which day it was, but we had a big crazy storm. Actually the radar, I had internet that day, out of Flagstaff said we had 2 big storms collide over Witch Well. It was scarey. Yup Ozzie was shaking and hyperventilating and I was doing my best to avoid watching and waiting for every single flash of lightening and crack of thunder, or wondering about Spunky being alright in his tree-house. So I wrote a play by play update of the storm on my Facebook page. LOL Yup, good news, we are fine. So as is prudent, the morning after, Ozzie and I took a walk around the property and yard, checking for damage or signs of flooding. Kinda normal stuff in an off-grid, self-reliant situation. Spunky was just fine, his blankie was barely damp on one corner, so we

Simply My Food Cooler part 2

And the how to...

Simply MyFood Cooler part 1

So about a week ago I made an evaporative cooler for food! I made a couple videos for YouTube with the how to process. I was hoping to edit the video and can't figure out how to do it darn I published it anyway. 😔

Simply getting some sleep YouTube Video

Enjoy watching and leave me comments here or there As all ways, Keep It Simple Silly

Simply those weekly curve balls!

It has occurred to me that I may need to live without internet again! A glitch in my current ultra cheap monthly fee unlimited 3g mifi has brought me back here, right where I've been before. Is this okay with me... well actually yes. I spend way too much time online. I've wanted to manage my online life better. What a great opportunity!  Will I do away with my current set up? Perhaps Will I return to the days of library visits with blog and video updating? Perhaps. What about watching movies and listening to podcasts? I dont know yet. I do, however, know that change is good! And God's got my back! A bunch of texting and emails later and... And false alarm... simply a new payment process! Laugh out loud And Keep it Simple! Simply me

Simply Using PPP tools to make decisions

Good morning! Its time to check in with you all. Ozzie and I are fine. Oh yes and Spunky too. Spunky just survived his first real rain while living outside at our house. The coyotes were busy this morning too, it rained pretty steadily all night. We needed the rain in this area, with wild-fires not too many miles away and the very very dry weather conditions. I've made significant progress on this vintage trailer.  A couple years back, I made the decision (and how do I do that, making decisions - I use priorities keep reading please) to have a home base on my property so I could come and go from this location. The decision was based on both weather protection on site and because I get emotionally and phyically worn out traveling the world, meeting new people and being available to others during events that I have enjoyed attending and volunteering at. Events like the RTR (RubberTramp Rondevous) and Jamie Diamond's VanBuildOut Party. I also have been holding annual GTG

Simply a Video update

In this YouTube video I explain my disabilities,  make some apologies and you get a bit of history too

Video Gear Review 8 May 2018


How do I simply break out of depression? 9 May 2018

Hi readers. How do I break out of a simply ugly depression? First even though I don't like depression or my PTSD tendencies,  my first line of defense is to acknowledge that that's what is happening in my life. Recognise and remember that these diseases are a part of my life. I recall that for a short time it's ok to be right where I am and for a time that happens to be under the control of a disease. The disease of depression and that of PTSD, for me, is like a 3 or 4 headed monster. A monster who reminds me that I am worthless and know nothing. My PTSD, it reminds me that I take up too much space in the universe, I never should have taken the first breath at my birth, it takes me, way to easily, back to some ugly traumas from my younger life. During this difficult time, if words are used in similar sentence structure or with similar voice inflections as an incident in my ugly past, or if I watch a movie with a scene that is similar to one of my compounded traumas ...

Single again and I got a kitty!

Hey ya'll! Well my failed experiment is over. I am single again and got a kitty! That sounds interesting but honestly it's been a very emotionally draining time for me. Aaron is a nice man, and he is very generous and helpful. We didn't get along very well,  mostly our communication styles were so different it was painful to discuss anything. Kinda like two planes passing each other by, we would get blown off course and me, being a double (5 mins short of triple) cancerian sun sign, in tears all the time. So we broke up about a month ago. He left to start his adventures yesterday. Good and safe travels Aaron! Now the kitty story. I had a 6ft bull snake visitor last fall. Early this Spring I had a 3ft gopher snake climb right up the cement post my vintage trailer is setting on. Well within 5 inches of that post was the wiring access for my solar and it wasn't very secure because we were working with it. The snake was disoriented and moved about a 1/4 miles away - tha

Simply a video update


New YouTube update


Whew! Simply a stormy morning in Witch Well

Here you go.... I woke from a nightmare to a hail storm - incredible as it was 57 degrees outside in the past couple days So then the sun came out and everything melted....encouraging for messing with outside projects! Aaron went off to help our neighors with a solar project. And then a blizzard blew in complete with thunder. Yup Thunder! Kinda wierd.... So I  gave up any ideas of outside work, stoked up the Marine denatured alcohol stove, turned on the wifi, grabbed the phone, tablet, coloring book, journals and pens and hunkered down under the blankets with Ozzie. As we began to warm up, after Ozzie made an outdoor trip, I put some snowy day comfort food on the stove. Macaroni tomatoes and milk was what my family called this... I  make it Vegan Tomato Bisque most of the time. Today we added macaroni just cause...notice Nelda's grandma's silver spoon! (Cook macaroni,or leave it out, add canned tomatoes - I like whole best but diced works - then add salt

Simply a video update

I think that you know that I have a You Tube channel as well as my blog. Simply take a look if you can.  Subscribe,  give thumbs up and leave comments too!

Simply new stuff happening!

So I mentioned my new relationship.... So here you go. Meet my boyfriend Aaron Twining.  We met in Ehrenberg Arizona before the RTR this January.  Aaron drove up to my place in Witch Well and arrived on Valentine's day, when he asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes! Ever since I returned home the weather has been crazy cold....  just look at this I have appreciated Aaron having 4 wheel drive as well as having the company during the storms and stuck inside time. I love that most of my lifestyle includes living close to nature with a lot of outdoor time, although that is difficult with the cold! Keeping it Simple and Living Free as we start to prepare for the March GTG! Simply, Lesa

Simply a lame update

I've been having so much trouble writing for my blog or creating videos. I want to but with the snow and cold and with a new relationship, I can't seem to focus enough, or find the organization to be creative. I so want to update you all.... Here's a picture of the icy windows on the trailer, and my morning coffee, maybe it will help keep us connected in some way.

Spring GTG Simply Lesa Style!

Who: Blog followers, neighbor, freedomliving folks, travelers and nomads What: 1st Annual Spring GTG (that means Get ToGether) Where: My private property in Witch Well, Arizona.  You must contact me! Limited campsites although BLM nearby. I will send information to you individually. I have about 15 campsites. When: 3 - 4 days (talk to me through email) loosely organised around a Roast lamb dinner March 31! Yes dinner options available for vegans and vegetarians.

Post RTR Newbie Camp with Simply Lesa Jan 25 - 29

Any Newbies wanting a little more practice near others may show up at Camp Simply Lesa Jan 25 - 29 ONLY! I will be available for morning Chit Chats between 9 and 11 am in a central area. We will help hold your hand a few days only...  It's expected that you break away from this camp between 3 and 5 days. I will leave Alone on the evening of the 29th  or the morning of the 30th. The camp is located in Ehrenberg near Bob's favorite site off Frontage road EAST.  Watch for blue and green Mardi grai beads and solar lights.   DO NOT REPLY HERE FOR DIRECTIONS I DON'T HAVE ACCESS TO THIS FORUM ON MY PHONE! Directions: 10W to Ehrenberg exit.  At stop turn Left. At Roundabout tale Frontage Rd EAST.  Drive 2.7 miles. Turn Left at rusty barrel. Drive approximately 300 yards. Watch for blue and green decorations and solar lights

Simply an interview with Rollingsteeltent!

Al asked me to talk about why I bought land...  I had to mention the surprise it has given me. Keep it Simple!

Simply getting ready for the RTR

Hi everyone, Ozzie and I have been doing our best to stay calm and healthy as we prepare for the upcoming RTR in Quartzsite, Arizona. The Rubber Tramp Rondevous officially starts tomorrow morning at a location in Scadden Wash. You can check out the details at Bob Wells' So you are probably wondering what we have been up to. We were given a solar panel for the car and we thought that we could relatively simply get it installed on the the roof rack of the Honda...well Amazon order glitches and other stuff and it's not happening... well yet at least. Then I had a bearing go on the car and parts haven't been available as we were told that they would be. So after some neighborly camper RTR mechanic help, we moved the car to a location on the access road to the RTR neighborhood. Then we set up a base camp. This location will be marked with blue and green ribbon or something and solar lights near a rock mile marker. I'm setting up my Canopy Tent which will