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What is lurking in the shadows?  I was chatting with another woman this morning and we mentioned that often the stuff in the shadows is the stuff we are scared of.  Of course when we have the courage to get the flashlight and get closer and take an actual look at the 'monster', it might actually be something good --- I was told an indigenous story about a shaman's training which involved a morphing into an animal spirit to investigate other realities.  During his training a young shaman was frightened by the flapping winged, clawed, and fanged monsters that were trying to kill him.  Later the elderly shaman teacher encourged the student to take another look while in his human form.  The terrified student needed much support and encouragement before finally pulling up the emotional strength and armed with a torch of light, he timidly investigated.  Returning with smiles and stories of wonder and joy at finding that the 'monsters' were actually beautiful butterflies!