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Minimalist Decision Making

Oh my, I have been moving some of my things into my as yet unfinished off grid Studio or cottage. As I  do that I am evaluating,  yet again,  the importance and/ or usefulness of each item. Because of my specialized diet, which is primarily whole foods, I'm talking mostly about kitchen items. Over the years, I have used and collected many things trying to make my life and food more "normal", whatever that is.  Today, I finished installing a few shelves in the unfinished studio's kitchen corner. As I have been placing items on the shelves, I find that I am asking myself if i still use or need the item,  have I bought something to replace it,  have I experienced any discomfort or problems with the item that I would like to improve... boy, my answers. I love my Moka coffee pots so they bring me joy and get to stay. I love my coffee and spice/flaxseed grinder - also joy, it gets to stay.i have a couple favorite coffee mugs, and a red enamel tea kettle that I bought for us