Minimalist Decision Making

Oh my, I have been moving some of my things into my as yet unfinished off grid Studio or cottage. As I  do that I am evaluating,  yet again,  the importance and/ or usefulness of each item. Because of my specialized diet, which is primarily whole foods, I'm talking mostly about kitchen items. Over the years, I have used and collected many things trying to make my life and food more "normal", whatever that is. 

Today, I finished installing a few shelves in the unfinished studio's kitchen corner. As I have been placing items on the shelves, I find that I am asking myself if i still use or need the item,  have I bought something to replace it,  have I experienced any discomfort or problems with the item that I would like to improve... boy, my answers. I love my Moka coffee pots so they bring me joy and get to stay. I love my coffee and spice/flaxseed grinder - also joy, it gets to stay.i have a couple favorite coffee mugs, and a red enamel tea kettle that I bought for using on my new woodstove,  when that is ready to use.
I'm going to let go of some other items, like my GSI haulite tea kettle because I  dislike that I have to fill it twice to make two cups of morning coffee and I have other ways to do that same job that are more streamlined and simple. It's kind of like cleaning out a closet and realizing that you have moved around dresses for years because,  you might wear them someday and someday has never come in 10 or 20 years! 

Letting go will allow you the space for some new experience or adventure or item to come into your life! 

That's what's happening today 
Keep it Simple Silly! 


  1. Just discovered you Watching! Watching your youtube videos and enjoying them. Hoping that your doing well! I know the feeling of having to much kitchen stuff myself! :)

  2. I can relate all too well to the clothes closet analogy! I was all set to get rid of pretty much 95% of things a few months ago, and then thought, "Hey, I can sell these really nice former work clothes!" So I put them all back... lolol. Either need to sell or just give the dang things away! Aaaaargh!


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