AZ Winter Update


Well - how about a day late Weekly Wednesday Update on Facebook! -

It's about 830 am on Thursday.
I woke up a little later than usual - Wendy tucked into bed closer to me during the night mostly because of the cool inside temperature.
I have had my coffee and breakfast cuddled up close to the woodstove.

Vehicles: Chevy Tracker Travels will continue in some form - after Boss Custom in Nevada finishes the 1st Gen 98 Tracker engine rebuild and some restoration. The Blue 2nd Gen Tracker is pretty healthy now that we - both Boss Custom and Stan's Auto( Stan Vial & the mechanics including Jeremy Portz ) - have done some work on it. It certainly handles the muddy dirt roads in Apache County Arizona well. I'm glad I made the decision to buy and use this little truck to get home. Being stuck alone at the cabin without a vehicle is very difficult and this was actually cost effective.
Home & cabin: I do believe that I have solved the animals under the cabin issue. Sure it's winter and cold. I'm glad the cabin was built strong and highly insulated - thank you Michael J Murphy for helping with that itchy job! - I certainly would not even have the cabin if it wasn't for the Father's Day help of my nephew Jason Humphrey who actually closed it in when another person walked away from the job without notice (worry & crying happened). And Barbara Duncan Alvey who saved my sanity, taught me a new card game and became a fantastic friend and helped with trim work! Much thanks to Tom & Tica his dog for helping install the woodstove and being great company and sharing many afternoons of chit chat & steak dinners!
Health: I feel like having a diagnosis of Multiple Schlorosis sucks. It's weird how you get the words and diagnosis stuck in your thoughts. Anyway I celebrated my first Carnivore Diet anniversary on the 23rd. I began the journey of this way of eating as Lion Diet for about 4 months then experimented with things like eggs (wow I'm allergic to normal eggs) and fish ... I mean mostly to Lion Diet to be honest. It has annoyed me that I didn't like loose an incredible amount of weight or heal my allergies (especially to butter or eggs). Although honestly having my symptoms that were diagnosed as MS in remission and healing the chronic IBS has been wonderful! I will be researching and looking into testing for Lyme's Disease, Mold Micotoxins or CIRS as well as Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. I will continue with the Carnivore/Animal Based Diet.
Adventures: WOW Baja was amazing! So was the Nevada Saga! I can't see yet where my adventures are taking me - although more personal interaction with others and less self imposed isolation is in order! (thanks Mike Boss n family - Samantha Rysdam for teaching me that other people can be safe in my life)
Finances: I am still in SSDI income with a cost of living increase. I will have approximately $1100 a month in income this coming year. My EBT is a minimal amount - $40. My annual heating fuel fund, this year, came in the form of cord wood delivered to the cabin - thank you for that program. My Financial Priorities are 1. paying off one final dept that I incurred - bad decision on my part - trying to keep vehicles in working condition. (TIC  - a mechanic husband might have been cheaper and less trouble - LOL JK) 2. Repair & restoration of the 98 white Tracker 3. Rebuilding my emergency fund - save save save.
2024 ideas: Stay warm. Be physically active - Wendy will help with walks. Consciously and actively cultivate/ work with the personal relationships that I already have to become a good contributing friend, a good neighbor and member of my groups like the Zuks of Arizona, Overland Expo, Witch Will Farmer's Market and Swap Meet  and the followers of Simply Lesa (and get past my trauma and fear of being hurt or left by people who are supposed to like or love me!) I have some small-ish construction projects at the cabin - like installing gutters and the rain catchment system, gardening, improving my firewood storage n processed area, roofing the back patio, creating the porch railing and a new entry gateway. I'll continue to work on living my beliefs openly and consistently. and I will work more with my website, Amazon affiliate, YouTube channel etc - I'm still limited another year and a half for making an income. I try to play by the rules.

Whew - I hope y'all have a great week and come see me and our community on my Sunday Live with Simply Lesa on Sunday mornings!


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