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Simply new stuff happening!

So I mentioned my new relationship.... So here you go. Meet my boyfriend Aaron Twining.  We met in Ehrenberg Arizona before the RTR this January.  Aaron drove up to my place in Witch Well and arrived on Valentine's day, when he asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes! Ever since I returned home the weather has been crazy cold....  just look at this I have appreciated Aaron having 4 wheel drive as well as having the company during the storms and stuck inside time. I love that most of my lifestyle includes living close to nature with a lot of outdoor time, although that is difficult with the cold! Keeping it Simple and Living Free as we start to prepare for the March GTG! Simply, Lesa

Simply a lame update

I've been having so much trouble writing for my blog or creating videos. I want to but with the snow and cold and with a new relationship, I can't seem to focus enough, or find the organization to be creative. I so want to update you all.... Here's a picture of the icy windows on the trailer, and my morning coffee, maybe it will help keep us connected in some way.

Spring GTG Simply Lesa Style!

Who: Blog followers, neighbor, freedomliving folks, travelers and nomads What: 1st Annual Spring GTG (that means Get ToGether) Where: My private property in Witch Well, Arizona.  You must contact me! Limited campsites although BLM nearby. I will send information to you individually. I have about 15 campsites. When: 3 - 4 days (talk to me through email) loosely organised around a Roast lamb dinner March 31! Yes dinner options available for vegans and vegetarians.