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So I think its about time for me to comment on food and health.  Any of you who really know me, know I prefer natural, rustic, handmade, even most things, including health and food. 

For 4 years of my life I was a raw vegan, I was a vegetarian for nearly 8 years. 

I also have health issues that affect my choices.  My asthma, for example, is exasperated by excersize, cold temperatures, food allergies and evironmental allergies and sensitivities. 

I studied and dabbled in natural hygene. herbal cures, tribal & native medicine and other alterative cures.  I especially like medicine plants that are wild and foraged.  And yes Ive dabbled with foraging as well.

And, yes, I love to prepare food - especially for others to enjoy.  My favorite preparation methods are using minimal ingredients and simple preparation....often the best food is the way it comes straight from nature.  Then add some loving thoughts and handle with caring hands and whala!

Food is a social mixer too, I have learned a lot about other people as well as cultures through my interest in thier favorite foods and preparation methods.  And where would event planning and parties be without snacks and food.

I am a rather creative person as well and preparing daily meals is an opportunity to be artistic as well.

Now given all that background...people often ask me to teach them what I know.
I'm often reorganizing my thoughts on the subject because of whats going on with me personally.  

Im allergic to dry beans: pintos, garbanzos, black beans, lentils...all of them; also, cranberries; and corn syrup, and soy - all kinds, yup soysauce too, and that stuff on lables called "natural flavor", and purfume, which means laundry soaps, candles, propane and kerosene, tobacco (sorry smokers) and even marajuana - i dont like or do drugs anyway and thats just some of the list!

I love Raw, Wild n unprocessed foods.  I prefer them.   My life has been saved by Indigenous snake and crocodile oils, rice water from a Japanese recipe, foraged herbal leaf baths and beef broth from a neighbors farm.

I like the ideas of Storm & Jingee, Daniel Vitalis, Anistasia of Russia, among others....

I am looking forward to making my own clay pots and learning more about cooking with them, foraging for more wild foods, and finding a way to preserve some for a stormy day...

and as today was both cold and stormy, I took myself out for a hot bowl of green chilis at El Rancho on Beeline Hwy in Payson, AZ.  Not bad for only $6.45.   I hope to visit and review more redtraunts - especially raw food ones.


  1. darn tiny android typing keys..thats restraunt not redteraunt.
    I apologize


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