Saturday, August 29, 2015

Simply sos ya'll know

I'm having phone problems. I used to be a techy I've done all that I can. I believe that the internal usb charging pin is damaged.
I have not budgeted for a new phone.
I learned recently that I qualify for the Free Lifeline Phone. I will fax in my application this week.
I will try to get to the library and send more blog posts this week.
We are okay.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Simple Life Breakfast

A mug of Cowboy Coffee and Mini Potato Latkes!

Simply what to do now!

I've had this for FOUR years. Thanks Dee for your gift that kept me thinking of you guys every day.
It's been. .. my RTR mug!
The thoughts I had run through after it broke!
Well I started a Memory tree at the circular drive at Windsong Ranch it seems only fitting to make it it's new home where lizards can crawl around and hide out or some plant can start a home. Hey might look good with a hens and chickens succulent growing around it!?!

Now where is that other coffee cup?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Relationship Simple Revelation

If the person who you think that you may have an interest in OR may be interested in you spends most of their time online. And you don't. ..

The online community may know them.

You might not know thier mind/thoughts at all even if they were parked right beside you

Keep it Simple Sweethearts
Keep it REAL


Saturday, August 15, 2015

Simply one of the best investments

One of the best pieces of gear that I have ever bought is this Camo net. Thanks to Al of for the idea!

I will admit to being fairly human which comes with being lazy.  I have seen far too many RVs and Vans with damages from an awning caught in the wind. So the idea of some shade n even partial shade with less maintenance or running to get the awning down before it gets ripped off. ..was right up my practical alley!

Simply Sharing: Ed's Inverter Info

Thursday, August 13, 2015

I feel as though I Simply have a job!

And I truely don't. ...but I have been very busy lately.  Beats boredom any day!

My lawn chair broke.
I groomed Ozzie. ...who's currently burying his leftovers from supper.
I got my camp kitchen set up. I got an older Coleman Expedition Kitchen for a great deal at a yard sale while traveling.
I washed laundry and cleaned the bathroom tent and porta potty.
And it was Hot today. Hot with no real escape even in the shade.
I cleaned up the rooftop cargo carrier in preparation for a trade I've been discussing.
I finally placed a Cragslist ad for the van.
And I called my Canned Ham advisor guy about the project in my driveway. I have a 1953-59 Kencraft travel trailer.  It's quite a project though it has many good features as well.  I'm not physically working on it yet because I am first working out the title. If it's not really mine I am not investing in it. So I likely have three more weeks before that is done. I'm not 100% certain which way to deal with this Canned Ham. It's possible to simply fix the title and sell it as is to some collector or person looking for a project.  Or I could take my sweet time and turn it into something for myself. At least this time I have a safe place to park it. (You all can vote if you like)

I've also been doing research and preparing to buy a piece of land here in St John's AZ. This all is happening while I am paying down my debt that I incurred while traveling and owning the van in the past Four years. I had lived debt free for many years before that even though it was always a struggle and I did without a lot of things that most people consider normal.

I LOVE my new Honda. Driving it is fun and comfortable. I've done a few things like have the a/c charged and straightening a dent. We've been sleeping in my 'Honda Bedroom' most nights. The larger tent has become storage space, it had been well loved and used and the zippers and tiny holes are not comfortable in our AZ monsoon rains.

I'm planning to take a simple shower before bed tonight. I want the best nights sleep that I can manage.  And it is starting to cool down some finally.

While I was in town the other day working with the DMV, I stopped for coffee at TLC Restaurant.  Tim, the owner and chef, grew up in the same church community as I did - which is both cool and odd. His wife Laurie is lovely and dabbles in essential oils on the side. Its really nice to make new friends who just happen to make the best coffee in town!

I feel like I belong here. Like this space is home.
I'm going to embrace that for as long as the gift of this feeling sticks around. .and to think that I would not have come here if I had not gone to my first RTR!

Vantucket - Simply on Craig's List

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Simply the stuff of happiness.

Its not what we may think - chasing home or the things of home or relationships or people or running to escape our past  or anything that comes even close to looking like our past.

Happiness for me is watching Ozzie as he feels safe enough to run and play and explore! Its accepting the responsibility for another being that has allowed me to mostly forget my dissatisfaction and depression and get past a lot of my own crap and all that has allowed me to openly enjoy watching his happiness.

Wouldn't it be kewl to have a close personal relationship develop the same thing?!?

PS it's really hard to get a good picture of his playing to share. :(

Monday, August 10, 2015

Wondering what is Simply going on?

This past week I returned from my trip to Colorado. I drove my new to me Honda Passport home and after 7-8 hours I was tired. I had some rest time before starting the errands process. I set up the well loved gift tent which is basically being used as storage because of daily rain with thunderstorm warnings in my area. I also set up my new shower/potty tent! Omgosh I'm so glad to have that it feels rather luxurious!  Then I needed to reconnect my friends solar system (I hate dealing with batteries) which took a couple days till I reconnected while it was dark outside to lower the spark risk. Then my van has been in town because I can not get a ride to pick it up so I visited and picked up some things. Then placed a For Sale sign in a window just to see if there was any interest. ..i recieved two serious calls the next day. I'm waiting for a call back now.

A friend and I went to Pie Town NM for Sunday brunch. Nice to catch up with the friend - the town and trip was a travel yawn and pies looked terrible and small slices for $6 each. Needless to say we didn't eat pie!

I've finally feed the hummingbirds and song birds again here at the property.
Ozzie and I have been enjoying the Honda. While raining we make a bed in the back. I picked up more personal stuff from the van today and so have too much stuff. I've really enjoyed living minimally the past month and wonder why I thought that I needed so much when I was in the van.

I love the change of perspective after returning from a trip.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Simply a Great Vacation

I've been having a great time here in Colorado for the past two weeks. Visiting with Shane & Lily and getting to experience both their life in Denver and their new lot near Eleven Mile State Park has been fun.

The altitude has left me with tight lungs, no energy and feeling rather sick. It is rather cold here as well so if you are planning a visit come prepared!

Ozzie has been very well behaved. Lily and Ozzie met up very shortly after he came to live with me.  They remember when it was extremely difficult for Ozzie to meet other dogs and when he was very territorial. I think that he feels more safe and secure now. Shane & Lily both commented on how much better he is and how calm he is. Training is paying off.

Unfortunately I have had some cellphone signal problems - traveling with phones can be annoying.

Lily and I went to Hartsel Days yesterday. We got to see a gun fight reenactment and do some shopping. We visited South Park City and Buena Vista which has great garage sales.

I'm working on this blog post using the free wifi at the Highline Cafe & Saloon while having a coffee and Lily's leftover fries. The coffee is really smooth and the fries huge hand cut beauties. Shane said that the bowl of Green Chili was fabulous!

People here are pretty crafty.  Someone makes humming bird feeders from old bottles. Pretty kewl.

I woke this morning knowing that I will be heading home tomorrow.  So I guess that I will.