Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Beginings!

Hi all,

This morning I decided that it's time for me to start a here goes.

I've been journaling for years, a rather private event, at some times it has been a daily event and at other times less seldom.  My profile information is a short description of the basic life goals I've been living since 2002 or 2003.  These life goals have helped to create quite an adventure of a life.

Today, I am enjoying a cup of black coffee as I sit at a glass topped table in front of the Bamboo Hostel in David, Panama.  The morning is progressing well, I did some email catch up because I've been traveling and off line quite a bit the past few days.  I also made one phone call to my ex-partner John Zachary, who has been going through a lot of life changes recently.

It feels so good to be traveling alone right now.  I enjoy company and travel mates and I need a lot of space, mental and physical in order to stay grounded and healthy.  I wonder why some of us humans need more space than others seem to - or is that actually true?  perhaps we all need lots of space and some of us actually admit it, perhaps others have enough money to create really big houses with alone space, and others just 'put up' with their situations?  (any comments?)  I do recall that Peace Pilgrim often dealt with this issue as well as she enjoyed her time walking alone and though others attempted to join her at different phases, it never seemed to be the right thing....

I think alone, quiet time is valuable and amazingly healthy!