Saturday, July 28, 2012

Scribbling and Doodles...huh?

I find it is so much easier to make a decision when I have more information... of course a lot of the information most of us need in life is information about ourselves.  You know stuff like what we really want, where we really want to go, or who we really want to be this time, this week or today.... once we have that information we can make better fitting decisions more quickly because we know what we want.  Try negotiating without knowing - guess who wins --- yup the other guy!

I happen to love pens and paper, especially unlined thick or handmade paper and good dark black pens or sharpies... call me wierd if you like, I just happen to like them.  The swirl of a pen stroke on paper is exciting.   When I find myself in those times of indecision, I just mark up paper like its going out of style.  I write lots of stuff down, ideas, little sketches, doodles and the like and rambling thoughts...I keep at it until I am finished.  Yes, there comes a time when I just feel done.  Then I wait a day or so and look over all the seemingly scribbled pages and take the good stuff and make of list of just the good stuff.  It is kind of kewl what I get out of those edited scribble pages and lists... I usually know myself better in some way or another and, I know my priorities better as well...and for me - Priorities are the key to making better and yet better decisions.

Some times, like when I was considering coming to Nicaragua this month, part of the scribbling pages are budgetting scribbles. Some are the scribblings of concern for the loved ones in my life.

I have been scribbling again, a lot as I am considering the continuation of this current trip and the next couple of months.  I have been feeling out of sorts after my travel partner surprised me with the news that they could not continue because the culture shock of Nicaragua was too much for them - and possibly they truely were missing their other loved ones back in the US.  They returned to Costa Rica and to my great surprise immediately returned to the USA!  I have been traveling in Central America for about 7 years.  Last year I visited the East Coast of the US for a few months.  I am emotionally tired right now and I long for some familiarity.  sooo I have been scribbling and doodling the past few days and have stopped for now.  I am clearer about my priorities today and today I gave myself a rest, a good few hours in a pool, a pizza lunch with new girlfriends and a walk in town.  I probably will not stay in Granada very long.