Friday, September 7, 2012

Earthquakes and mulberries...

This week housesitting life has improved - well clarifying agreements through email do help calm the nerves and I havent seen anymore snakes or unwelcomed critters since Saturday.

Monday I totally forgot was Labor Day until I tried to call my credit union in the states, so I changed plans, fiddled with my SIM cards and internet connections, talked with my son about his new van woohoo and washed my hair!

Tuesday the farm worker came extra early, his ride wasnt available so he had to walk the entire distance and didnt want to be late. A neighbor brought me fresh cows milk so I made comfort food tomato bisque soup for my lunch. I shared lunch catching up with friends online. Then read most of the rainy afternoon.

Wednesday the farm worker arrived at his more normal time. I made a torte of fresh eggs and herbs and shared pejibyes with the dogs for breakfast. Then after taking care of some long overdue business, the table started moving. I felt the earthquake pretty strongly although I havent found any cracks in the cement of this house, i certainly think it was possible. The dogs and I got through it fine. I am more scared of thunder and lightening storms, especially after my Appalacian Trail hiking experience a year ago. I respect lightening and I dont want to be hanging in a hammock between two trees during a major storm again. That is too much stress for this girl. These days I find comfort with the electric power turned off, stuff unplugged, then curl up with the dogs, a book, and the trusty ole earplugs. In the evening Wednesday I made some raw oatmeal balls/cookies to have with my coffee for the next days breakfast.

Thursday I woke up remembering a dream which hasnt happened in some time. It seems that when I am over stimulated and stressed it takes some gentle down time and rest before the more normal processes of things like dreaming and remembering those dreams can kick in. I do prefer a slower more in touch with nature kind of lifestyle. I dread being reintroduced to the busy busy crazy-making pace and consumerism of the USA, that reverse culture shock can be almost crippling initially. Just entering a small store or gas station convience store can be incredibly overwhelming. And then there is language and people well just think differently... Yesterday I also picked some stuff and make a Kickin Marmalade! Whats that? its a cross between a citrus marmalade and a hot pepper jelly. Oh yes, and in the early evening I could hear the rumbling trainlike sound of a storm in the distance. At the same moment my skype phone connection rang and as I answered it I noticed the most beautiful Motmot bird not 10 feet away taking a dust bath in the carport. Because of the phone call I wasnt able to get a picture but I am watching for him to return. I figure if he feels safe enough to take a dust bath here, then I can relax a little. What a beautiful way to end the day. BTW the rumbling storm never came through here, it passed right by.

This morning - Friday The dogs and I took an early walk and picked some lovely mulberries. Incredible as it seams even Chester picked and ate some. They are good medicine. While picking, I was reminded of a time my CR Sister Amy and I picked berries around NYC. I am a bit of a naturalist and enjoy the process of being grateful and thankful while allowing the bush to give to me. As my fingertips gently touch a fruit and it literally falls into my hand. The ones that fall to the ground I leave for the animals. The mushy ones the bees and wasps enjoy, some especially the high ones are for the birds.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.
Keep It Simple Sweetie!