Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Just another adventure or two...

What a week! Good, satisfying, worrysome and well..just another adventure.

Monday I cleaned and washed dog beds.  I made a natural tick repellant which helped some.  The dogs love to run n play and there are plenty of bugs in the country.

I have been toying with the positive statements and I am statements this week.  That and the idea that we all are one and how does that fit in when we are faced with people who are manipulative or untrustworthy or just unpredictable?  I learned at a rather young age, that arguing or fighting weren't acceptable.  If someone believes something, no one will change thier mind, maybe the Great One will allow them an experiance that might result in a change. But no struggle is worth trying to do the Big Guys job.  I have learned, at the expense even of a physical scar, to relax into times of conflict.  To sit with them and through them.  To take what resonates from the event and to leave the rest.  I try and remember, when faced with personal interaction challenges, to speak what is true for me, to listen with an open mind for what is behind the obvious, to ask "why", and to leave the situation both up to that higher power and to leave it with as much love and respect for the other as I would like to have given to me.  Often, I am misunderstood - which in some way may mean I misunderstand.  Just stuff for thought.

Tuesday's big energy drainer was when I removed the Torsalo or Bot Fly from one of the dogs legs...ewww but hey I did it!  Sorry I didnt get a photo of that one.

Wed and Thurs's big event was buying my van in the US which is challenging at best when doing so from a foriegn country.  We got it. It is a bit different from my original idea, but the price was right and its mechanically sound.  It will need new tires pretty soon but thats pretty minor.  Thank the powers that be that my mechanic loves electrical work and was able to recognize a diamond in the rough.

Fri and Saturday I spent a lot of time researcing van stuff, talking on skype, dodging thunderstorms and mulling over details and money issues.

Sunday the milk lady came, i made a nice big cappachino.  Reminised while watching a friends video that was shared on facebook.  Facebook - which by the way I both love and hate...oh well.  In the early afternoon, sunshining and hot - kerplak! - no warning just an earsplitting kerplak, the dogs yelped and ran for cover.... dry lightening.  that will get your attention thats for sure.

and yesterday Monday.  I made mulberry jelly with the last of the sugar on hand.

pretty good week...enjoy the pictures.