Sunday, September 9, 2012

Just cant wait to share...

What lovely surprises this morning, hopefully you can see the pictures. After a stinky nites visit of a skunk waddling through! Thank God the dogs didnt get sprayed. lol. We woke to the beauty of new blossoms and lots of buds...rainy season here will sprout all kinds of interesting things. Anyway the big sprawly plant hanging at the dining area though artistically beautiful in form with its arms and tenicles kinda stumped me as to why it was chosen to decorate a house - you know nice enough but why, and this morning I learned why! The delecate white blossom and 3 other buds to open soon - simply lovely. Okay it was worth watering. (smile) I noticed many buds about ready to bloom this morning, should be interesting to see what surprises of beauty visit next.

I also want to share one of my favorite chuckle-blogs...Sunday is my cappachino day, with or without milk (homemade nut mylk or raw neighbors animal milk), my Sunday morning brew gets cinnamon (sometimes fresh picked-gee I am spoiled in CR). Cappachino in a big mug and Google Reader app on the phone, gives me a morning of catching up with the world that is important to me and kinda reminds me of slow Sunday mornings spent with the big newspaper and Sunday comics! Does this still exist? ... I particularly have been enjoying "ol Jules" at he is a hoot!

enjoy your Sunday, the pictures of Costa Rican beauty and a chuckle from ol jules
Keep It Simple Sweetie!