Friday, February 7, 2014

Simply Taking Care of Business...

Yesterday, I awoke feeling rested enough from my cold to take care of some unfinished business.  A good meditative drive (to me thats one without the radio playing) was in order, so I informed my travel buddies and Hit the Road Jack...

Business taken care of  in Lake Havasu City and an extra errand finalized, I slowed to a stop at a traffic light and though holding the brake pedal down normally, it began to sink toward the floor...weird I thought and looked around to see an auto garage nearby.  Safety being of the utmost importance, I drove in and asked if they had time to check Vantucket's braking system out.  After an extensive check and test drives the shop couldnt reproduce the event and sent me on my way with the advice that though nothing is really wrong, its possible that my master cylinder is starting to wear out.  I will be keeping a watch for that as I save up to have that job done asap.

Time really flew by after the repair shop visit and nightfall was begining so I began the drive back to Yuma. I recalled a friend had been boondocking near The Steps and I was close by, so Im wondering about paying a visit and it started to rain!  So I pulled in and had a nice visit,  then spent a restless almost sleepless night parked nearby. 

I pulled out early this morning, made a quick stop in Erenbergh.  I was back in Yuma just after noon with a long To Do List...I got it all in with the exception of washing Vantucket...shes dirty!