Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Surviving Illness as a full-timer!

So I've been in bed with a cold for two days now.  This morning, though, I feel better. Sitting up and playing on the internet with the windows open to the view of Fortuna Pond.  I can see the ducks (or coots) swimming along, fish jumping some early fisherman working on the catch for dinner.  Our resident stork visits each morning and is a wonder to watch as he kind of lumbers along on those long legs...  This location is wonderful for many reasons, and its not so wonderful some days or sometimes.  First, it is a beautiful pond, very close to the town of Yuma, Arizona. Shopping is handy with a full Mall, Thrift stores, and 3 (yes three) WalMarts.  In the foothills there is more shopping with a Fry's and a new 99cent Only, a grocery discount store and many 5gal for 50 cents water stands.  Fortuna Pond, though not really well known, is small location on BLM land and has a 14 day stay limit.  Occasionally the location is FULL with big rigs and generators, especially when the Big Tent in Quartzsite closes and the Exodus of snowbird RVers heads out.  Then they slowly trickle away and the more normal hand full of RVers or avid fisherpeople stick around.  Occasionally I have witnessed an unfortunate couple or two camped just outside the ponds camping area for longer periods of time.  I have had experiences with people less fortunate and am inclined to make new friends, listen to stories and share as possible remembering that "but for the grace of God, there go I"  I have heard others decide to never camp here because they saw one of these camps one time.  Make your choice.  This visit there is a local couple here with a tent and a car.  They are getting along well and expecting to be moving on up to a travel trailer in a couple of weeks.  They are friendly and of no concern.

I did hear one generator last night although it was colder.  I guess I've learned to sleep through the sound mostly because it didn't wake me up. Its incredible what we can get used to living in our tiny homes. 

I realize  I am a fairly outgoing person and I make friends pretty easily.  I tend to say 'Hi' when I pass people and if I feel it appropriate I will strike up a conversation.  Fortuna Pond is a comfortable and safe enough location that I often walk many times a day.  My first afternoon here I did that and met up with 3 different couples I met here last year - thats fun!  I also met a few new people and I have a couple people that camp and travel near me right now.  So I am not ALONE. 

Which is very nice when you get sick because plan as you may -- you always are missing something when you get sick. Or you run out of something. Its so nice to have someone stop by and knock on the door and check to see if you are better or simply to ask if you need something.  Yesterday a travel buddy was out running errands and brought me back a container of Egg Drop Soup!   In the case of my current cold that was perfect!  Another neighbor shared Vitamin C tablets with me.  I have gone through more rolls of TP using it as kleenex so that will need resupplying.   I am pretty sure I'm on the upswing of this cold now.... so porta potty to dump (na its not that bad after a year - in the beginning ya it was a gross learning curve) and some straighening up to do. 

Oh yeah and  more blog posts to write because you all haven't met Vantucket yet!