Saturday, February 1, 2014

What a difference a day makes - or a table!

I recently had help to redecorate and improve my Tiny Home on wheels...(soon I will show you)  and as odd as it might seem, I had been feeling as though my everyday needs were not met.  It was difficult to identify what was off, because, honestly my home is beautiful, neat, basically clean (okay, depending on the day or the clutter of the moment) but geez what did I have to complain about?  I have a nice bedroom, now with solar on the roof, I have basically unlimited power to keep the cell phone and tablet charged, to run a 12 volt light at night or in the wee early morning hours.  I have lovely picture windows with shades to open and watch a lovely sunrize while lounging in my pajamas.... What was the problem?  and what do I do to find the answer?  So as I've done for years - I just prayed about it - give the problem up and then patiently wait for the answer.  Of course I daily added to those prayers with new understanding as I give it up again each day until solutions just appear.  Recently, I even have been toying with the idea of selling my van to find another option - of course, my prayers are always ended with the "of course, only you the All that is All, know what is best for your creation, including simply ole me - please help me to see your decisions more the way that you do, to live happily with the best for the All and not only for myself.  You choose what is best and show me in a way that I cannot miss, a way that I will know is only from you what is the best answer. And I thank you already for your guidence and your best solution!"  


So, yesterday, I went into town with a friend to do laundry and shop at Dollar Tree.  While chit chatting, we decided to visit the Discount Grocery and a few Thrift Stores as well... We were kind of looking for a 1 cup Mellita coffee filter holder.... We found a 10 cup one instead - and - and ---- I got a table!


So this morning, I awoke early - turned on the solar powered light, checked the drive battery on the van, determined its voltage appropriate and turned on the radio with the surround sound speakers in the back on, opened the east facing shade and made coffee with the boiling hot water I stored in my trusty (yes vintage/old glass lined) thermos and enjoyed not only breakfast (rice cake, banana and avocado) but blogging to your all at my new table - all dressed appropriately in my jamies!  I feel more and more normally human! (whatever that is)